In order to protect one species of owl, the Forest Service is going to kill thousands of another species.

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Environmental idiocy: In order to protect one species of owl, the Forest Service is going to kill thousands of another species.



  • I’ve written about this on my blog. After legislation was introduced in 1990 to protect the spotted owl, the timber industry in Oregon practically ceased to exist. Thousands of people lost their jobs, and six counties are now dependent on Federal funds to operate their government. We are now importing forest products from British Columbia, because the Canadians realize that people are more important than owls.

    Now we have people so deeply invested in their belief that humans are and were responsible for the spotted owls decline, that despite decades of evidence to the contrary, they can’t admit they are wrong. The enviro-idiots responsible for killing the timber industry are nowhere to be found on the most recent threat to the spotted owl, because they can’t blame people for it. I’d dearly love to see the affected counties sue everyone associated with this fiasco for the millions of dollars in economic damage they’ve caused.

  • Joe

    The environazis could care less about wildlife, it’s really all about control of people and handcuffing them to the federal government!

  • Pzatchok

    Why don’t the greens do what the hunters have done for a hundred years.

    Captive raise and release any species they thought they wanted to hunt.

    In the 1800’s the white tail deer was virtually extinct in the Ohio valley region. But through capture and move programs they were reintroduced to the region. Now we can’t get rid of the dang things and they crop up in the urban city areas like dogs.

    The same with turkeys and especially ducks.

    We still have programs all over the country providing habitat areas for wild ducks that will obviously be hunted later.

    Just create a better habitat for the species they want. If that doesn’t work captive raise what they want a let them go were they want them to.

  • Edward

    The hilarious thing about the spotted owl is the large number of places in the US in which they are “endangered.”

    A few decades ago, I heard a couple of funny sayings about the spotted owl: that they were named “spotted” because they have been spotted in so many places throughout the country, and “spotted here, spotted there, the spotted owl has been spotted everywhere.”

    The lack of endangerment of the spotted owl had at one time driven the environmentalists to say that each subspecies of spotted owl must be protected. I have not checked, but I doubt that subspecies are mentioned in the Endangered Species Act. I suspect that only whole species may be declared endangered.

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