India delays next launch of its largest rocket

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India has delayed the next launch of its GSLV rocket from January to no earlier than March in order to conduct tests on the rocket.

This does not change the schedule for the next launch of their smaller PSLV rocket, which is still set for February and will launch a record of over a hundred satellites, most of which are smallsats.

Posted from Tucson Internationa Airport. I am heading to St. Louis today to give a lecture to the local chapter there of the AIAA.



  • wayne

    Are any of these AIAA events, ever recorded for public showing?

  • wayne

    Have a nice & safe trip Mr. Z.

    tangential– the Arch is very cool;

    Gateway Arch – Elevator to the Top & View – St. Louis

    -they have a Museum underground, and you can take these miniature elevator “pods,” to the observation area at the top (inside) of the arch.

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