Iran abandons effort to put humans in space

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Iran has cancelled its human spaceflight program, citing cost is the primary reason.

Considering the delays their space programs has experienced in launching unmanned satellites, the technical challenge was also probably a factor as well.



  • Cotour

    Thank God!

    Now the Iranian’s can concentrate on developing nuclear weapons and can figure out how to get them into space. The Iran deal serves so many causes, thank you president Obama and John Kerry. Everyone in Israel and everywhere else sleeps well knowing that the things you have accomplished in your administration have had such an effect on the U.S. and the world in general.

  • wodun

    The Iran deal certainly helped fund their nuclear program but the greatest immediate damage was that it allowed Iran to fund their national army and Hezbollah in Syria. When we look at the refugee crisis, ISIS, and the carnage in Syria, Iraq, and Lybia, so much of it is because of Obama’s pursuit of a deal with Iran.

    How many people had to die torturous deaths, be uprooted from their lives, and sold into sex slavery just so Obama could help Iran get nuclear weapons?

    The silence of our media during eight years of Obama’s horrific bungling of wars and foreign affairs is horrendous. Being tough on the current President doesn’t make up for it.

  • wayne

    Obama the musselmen
    In his own words

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