“It would have to be an extraordinary circumstance to convince me killing the bears in order to protect them makes a whole lot of logical sense.”

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“It would have to be an extraordinary circumstance to convince me killing the bears in order to protect them makes a whole lot of logical sense.”

Just read it. The whole story will infuriate you.



  • mpthompson

    Infuriating indeed. Why can’t the officers be brought up on charges? Would undercover cops killing humans or committing pedophilia to maintain a cover be exempt from prosecution? Does the fact that these are “just bears” give them a green light to violate the law they are sworn to uphold? This is all crazy.

    Sorry for so many rhetorical questions. :-(

  • joe

    To me, it seems like a microcosm of federal law enforcement all the way up to the top, it looks like the only criminals here are the officers whose conduct is arrogant to say the least.

  • Pzatchok

    Easy way to stop 90% of this.

    If the case is dropped, charges are lowered, thrown out or just simply lost for lack of evidence then the prosecuting agency pays all court fees and all defense fees.
    Plus the possibility of a counter suit by the defendant for any personal trauma of any type. Mental or physical.

    The government simply makes things right again with the citizen.

    Prosecutors offices are not bottomless pits of cash. As soon as they find out it costs more to drop a case than to prosecute a good one, then they will stop charging people in the hopes of getting a lesser charge agreed to and eventual political capital for cases prosecuted and “won”.

    Most cases like this are done for political gain and not legal reasons. Just like the Zimmerman case. He was innocent until the prosecutor was told she would not get re-elected unless charges were brought.

    Prosecutors are not doing you a favor by offering a lesser charge. They are making the offer because they know they have a weak case and are just hoping to get something out of all their effort and cost.

  • Cotour

    Maybe they just wanted to try out their cool new military gear that they can justify buying because of 9-11? Did they kill them at night, using 4th gen night vision scopes or better yet some nice FLIR thermal scopes, from inside an MWRAP? Who else would they use them on?

    9-11 and “terrorism” serves soooo many governmental purposes. Just like it was custom made.

  • Cotour

    A fish rots from the head down, and the media is walks hand in hand with what they are charged with stopping out.


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