Japan successfully tests new solar power technology

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The competition heats up: In a test of technology necessary to make space-to-Earth solar power generation possible, Japanese engineers were successfully able to precisely control the transmission of microwaves over a distance of 55 meters.

The main obstacle to generating electricity in space for use on Earth has been getting that power down to Earth. Microwaves can do it, but beaming microwaves through the atmosphere is no good as it will cook everything in the beam’s path. Being able to beam that transmission very precisely for long distances, something not yet possible, will reduce this problem.


One comment

  • PeterF

    one point twenty one gigawatts!
    Talk about a “no fly zone”
    has anyone considered what would happen if a terrorist got hold of the targeting program?
    I would feel safer if they were developing superconductor technology to be attached to a space elevator…

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