Judge gives states deadline to respond to White House over Obamacare lawsuit

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Showdown coming! The judge who ruled Obamacare unconstitutional has given the suing states until Thursday to respond to the White House’s request that the law be implemented despite his ruling.


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  • larry



    Been reading a # of sites with this issue since it effects those that i know very well

    There’s issues with health care, but we have to move forward. In the end I would rather Universe health care and a great public educaational system then support MI complex we have today. But first we have to deal with the debt we have – but as a society.

    It’s not repealing the health care -it’s modifiing it. Going backward is just bs… Again – reviewing the model’s, who’s model – what is your basis of reference for your #’s.

    I would love to see a site that can give me a ounce of truth. Hot air is just that. Sadly so are so many.

    Rulers are so simple, but hard to construst.


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