Juno finds mystery in Jupiter’s aurora

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The uncertainty of science: Scientists analyzing the data sent back by Juno have found that the system for generating Jupiter’s aurora does not appear to be same as the process that creates auroras on Earth.

The science here is a bit complicated. Suffice it to say that Jupiter’s aurora seems produced by a much more complex process, which actually should not have surprised anyone, considering how much larger Jupiter is and more powerful its magnetic field.



  • Joe

    The progressive left can not possibly believe in science, if anything, they themselves are in denial of actual science, the progressives have been pushing this agenda for over a hundred years, they love authoritarianism to push people around to their will. I do believe the progressive left are insane! They hate the truth, that they are capable of genocide is of no consequence to them.

  • Max

    So they don’t think what causes the aurora on Jupiter is the same as earth… ya think?
    No one else cares to make an observation at the obvious scientific misunderstanding?
    Solar energy travels at the speed of light (UV rays, x-rays etc.)
    This energy breaks down the molecules in our outer atmosphere making the ionosphere, creating O-Zone, nitrous oxide as it makes our sky blue. It is directly related to the creation and strength of the ionosphere. (when sunspots radiate x-rays, the ionosphere get stronger)

    The solar wind, on the other hand, is not energy but mass. Light solar wind is mostly hydrogen Atoms, helium, and a trace of other compounds blowing out from the chromosphere which sits on top of the suns atmosphere. (documented to be where all the suns light, heat, solar wind originates from) It blows from 1 to 2 million mph but has been measured much higher during high activity, X class flares… there has even been times when our instruments have measured the solar wind to be zero.
    When large flares the strength of thousands of hydrogen bombs blows the heavier material below the photosphere into deep space, the heavier molecules interact and are attracted to our magnetic field setting off a light show of aurora as millions of tons methane, boron, ammonia and other hydrolyzed compounds burn off in our atmosphere when it comes in contact with oxygen. (What compound it is, is determined by its color in the “butane torch test” or spectrograph. This is the source for most of our atmospheres fresh water, carbon, nitrogen)( The perfect storm of 2014? Dumped two Solar flares, that hit our atmosphere at the same time, raising carbon dioxide levels in the arctic to over 400 ppm for the first time away from a volcano. They couldn’t blame it on SUVs driving in the arctic… )

    Jupiter is five times further from the sun than we are, although it has a stronger magnetic field for attracting charged particles and atoms in the solar wind, the space the wind fill’s is four times greater per distance as it moves outward. The wind is very thin.
    The giant magnetic field will attract high energy particles called “cosmic radiation” as a different source for its aurora for example.
    I think it can also be internally generated as posted here not long ago.
    A bar magnet maintains the north south polarity unless it is damaged or heated. Jupiters Core is not a solid bar like magnet like the earth. It’s magnetic field is generated near the hydrogen transition zone, of liquid to solid, in the atmosphere. The temperature of near 16,000° prevents the formation of normal magnets, therefore this intense magnetic field must be electrical in nature which is in keeping with hydrogens high conductivity under pressure.
    The plasmas created near the electric/magnetic phenomenon would supply the ionized gas needed to create the Aurora at the poles were the lines of magnetic force directs the energies. It would also explain the massive storms that cover the surface of the planet. (high pH atmosphere rotates faster in a strong magnetic field when electrical energy is passing through)
    Where is the electrical energy coming from? Who can say, my hypothesis is thermal conductivity. The difference between cold and hot creates an electrical current. Just as the pilot light in your furnace heats a piece of copper which creates electrical current that allows your heater to work.
    Soooo, what do YOU think?

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