Lame-duck Barney Frank joins effort to repeal Obamacare “death panels”

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A bit late, ain’t he? Lame-duck Barney Frank joins the effort to repeal Obamacare’s “death panels.”

Note also that Frank has now essentially admitted that Sarah Palin was right about these panels (though he of course hasn’t come out and said it). Rather than be partisan back when she first brought this issue up, why couldn’t Frank have acted more responsibly and voted against the bill in the first place?

Update: I reworded the above paragraph because the original language gave the impression that Frank had actually said he now agreed with Palin, something he has not done.


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  • Chris L

    So when he says he thinks the panels are a bad thing, he isn’t really agreeing with Palin when she said the panels are a bad thing. I guess he thinks if he actually admits she was right, he’d burst into flames or something.

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