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Leftist students take-over building illegally and by force at Vanderbilt

Leftist protesters break into Vanderbilt building
Anti-Israel protesters assault a security guard (grey jacket)
at Vanderbuilt. Click for full video.

The lawless left: Because Vanderbilt University officials canceled a vote on a student amendment to the student government constitution, on March 25, 2024 about thirty students broke into the chancellor’s office, assaulting a security guard as they did so, and occupied it about 22 hours before police forced them out.

The university canceled the amendment vote because it would require the boycott of any businesses linked with Israel, and thus would likely violate federal and state laws and would make the university “ineligible for new state contracts and could have existing contracts voided.”

Whether or not the cancellation was right, the violence of the students is typical of the spoiled-child tantrums of the left, that assume it has the right to do anything at all, including violence and trespass, if it doesn’t get what it wants.

In a statement, the Vanderbilt spokesperson said the protest was “not a peaceful one.”

”It began with the assault of a Vanderbilt community service officer and continued with protesters physically pushing Vanderbilt staff members with the hope of entering and occupying the chancellor’s office. As a result, the building remained on lockdown and members of VUPD were on high alert. 25 students were forced out of the building at around 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning by Vanderbilt University police officers.

Unlike most academic institutions that for the past sixty years have condoned such behavior and allowed leftist protesters get away with bad and illegal behavior, Vanderbilt this time is responding with determination. It has charged three students with assault for attacking the security guard, and another student with vandalism for breaking a window. In addition, it took forceful action during the take-over to end it quickly.

”Student Affairs staff took a graduated approach to de-escalate the situation. First, they asked students to leave. After the students refused to leave, staff made them aware their actions violated university policy and that they would be subject to disciplinary action. After several hours, the university began issuing interim suspensions. Students on interim suspension must leave campus immediately and may not return until further notice, pending the Student Affairs review process,” the spokesperson said.

When by the next morning 25 students still remained, the university had the police move and forcefully remove them.

Based on similar cases for the past six decades, we can expect these students will still get off with a slap on the wrist. What should happen is that they should all be expelled. They very clearly are not the kind of thoughtful, civilized, and intellectual individuals who deserve a college education. Get them out of the school so that more mature and qualified students can be admitted and appreciate this education.

As for the cancelled amendment that caused this illegal occupation, it was pushed by students advocating the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, that essentially wants to boycott Israel entirely because it insists on defending itself against murderous terrorist attacks and will not meekly enter the gas chambers that terrorist organizations like Hamas wish to build and use. This movement is not interested in a peaceful solution in the Middle East. Its supporters are the ones supporting the takeover of Israel by Hamas, “from the river to the sea!” Its supporters routinely make excuses for the massacre on October 7th, justifying the rape and murder of women and children because “Israel deserves it.”

To be think so shallowly and with such hate is more proof such people don’t deserve a college eduction.

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  • pzatchok

    Its an insurrection!!

    I feel so triggered.

    I do not know what to do about this. I am so scared. The government should protect us from these things.

  • roger

    Wait until summer. They will burn down the other half of Minneapolis.

  • Larry Folds

    I would demand that every student involved be arrested and charged with terrorism, B & E, burglary, assault, and vandalism. No suspensions, expulsion, and the university should get a restraining order against all students involved. In addition, force them to pay for damages.

  • David M. Cook

    These people are Nazis, plain & simple. The Nazis were homosexuals, socialists and anti-semitic. Today‘s democrats are homosexuals, socialists and anti-semitic. In short, democrats are the new Nazis!

  • DJ

    They should all be taken to the nearest Hanas recruitment center, enlisted and sent to Gaza “for the cause”, don’t you know.

  • James Street

    These same human debris were outside the fundraiser that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton had last night at Radio City Music Hall to try and prop up Joe Biden’s failing presidency and campaign.

    None of the pro-Hamas mob got inside or disrupted the event. Funny how that works.

    This is not organic. The left takes people with existing psychological problems who are societal misfits and already blame everyone else for their problems and radicalize them. This is one tool the communists are using to destroy the west.

  • Paul Revere

    It looks like Vanderbilt had a pretty good response. They locked the students out of bathrooms. One of these entitled leftists called 911 to get their help in changing a tampon. The phone call is hilarious. The woman operator asks “what is your emergency”? The radicals were peeing into plastic bottles. I do not know where Vanderbilts funding comes from. The article says that they were concerned about state funding..

    Unhinged Vanderbilt Protesters Call 911 For Help To Change Tampon, Resort To Peeing In Bottles To Avoid Arrest

    Student protesters at Vanderbilt University who were staging a sit-in protest against Israel fell into a state of panic over logistical mishaps, and ended up urinating into plastic bottles and calling 911 because a woman said she’d go into toxic shock if she couldn’t change her tampon.

  • TL

    Expulsion is probably a bit much for a first offence when there has been a history of no consequences for such actions in the past. Suspension until the investigative process is complete (probably long enough that they lose this term’s worth of credits), prosecution for laws broken, and making it clear that a second offence results in expulsion would probably be appropriate. Make it clear that there will be consequences for this sort of thing and it will become far less frequent. Not going to stop the hard core nut jobs, but the hangers on protesting for the social aspect will quickly move on to something else.

  • TL: I am less forgiving than you, mostly because I believe these students have now clearly demonstrated that they are not college material. I say get rid of them so that more qualified others can get a chance for such an education.

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