Man wearing Trump hat assaulted at Berkeley today

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Fascists: A UC-Berkeley student wearing a Trump hat was attacked by two men today on the college campus.

The student—who was wearing one of Trump’s token Make America Great Again hats at the time of the exchange—was later identified as Jack Palkovic, a member of Berkeley’s College Republicans chapter who helped organize Wednesday night’s events. CBS reports that two unidentified men emerged from the vehicle, yanked the Trump hat from Palkovic’s head, and began to beat him until bystanders eventually intervened.

Although the two men attempted to flee the scene, police officers were able to prevent their escape, and placed both men in custody.

Charges against the attackers are being filed.

A side note: Today my wife and I were driving about town doing errands, and we passed an anti-Trump demonstration that reminded me remarkably of the tea party demonstrations I participated in in 2010-2011. The demonstrators had homemade signs, were smiling and enthusiastic, and doing nothing illegal. While I disagree with them politically, I celebrate their willingness to express publicly their political opinions most whole-heartedly.

There is one difference between these peaceful anti-Trump demonstrators and the tea party demonstrators that is important however. The former have rarely shown horror at the kinds of violence seen this week on college campuses and perpetrated in their name. They might mouth distaste for the violence, and might never do it themselves, but they have no outrage about it and if asked usually express some satisfaction that those bad conservatives or the bad people who support Trump got silenced. Too often, they celebrate the violence, even if they won’t do it themselves.

Among every tea party protester I have ever met (and I have met a lot of them), such behavior was always considered absolutely unacceptable. The idea of committing violence against their opposition was horrifying to them.

This distinction is important. It points us to the source of our modern political problems.



  • wayne

    Another good post Mr. Z.

    I attended Tea Party events in Washington DC.
    Everyone was well behaved, ultra-friendly, and we left the place cleaner then when we arrived.

  • LocalFluff

    Looking at images of the violent riots in Berkeley, I wonder why the police doesn’t simply use self defense to machine gun the terrorists who try to kill people with their arsons and bombs. Every policeman on site should be prosecuted for actively supporting and participating in terrorist acts. There is a very simple solution to this problem, why does the police refuse to do their job and protect the freedom of speech?

  • Hondo

    They are in their comfort zone, best at the moment to avoid them. You would do it if a group of blacks were coming down the street. Let them be – they will (and have) turn on each other at the slight misstep.

  • ” . . . beat him until bystanders eventually intervened.”

    Eventually intervened.

    I don’t know what motivated that stylistic choice, but if people were standing around while this guy was beaten, that’s the most terrifying sentence I’ve seen this month.

  • Alex

    @LocalFluff: Somewhat off-topic, but of interest for you as a Swedish man:

  • wayne

    off thread as well—

    “Glory and Gore” from “Viking’s”

  • LocalFluff

    Alex, don’t worry about the extremely small and weak Swedish right. I wouldn’t even call it a movement because it stands still. No Swede will make any kind of resistance against the islamists slaughtering them. In a few years millions of Swedes will have died in the ongoing holocaust. The military and the civil defense have been completely abolished as a preparation for the mass murder to come. It is very easy to forecast the result of a game where one side is completely uninterested and incapable of defending itself and the other side is so extremely violent and hateful. No politician in any camp has done anything in 20 years. They have all completely stopped making any decisions or even talking about doing something. The only thing the current government has decided is that you can get a small tax reduction if you have a mechanic come home to you and repair your bicycle (I’m not making it up, it is said to prevent the holy climate doomsday, the only thing all Swedes care about when it comes to politics). There actually doesn’t exist any kind of politics in Sweden any more, all politicians are too stupid to even do anything political.

    The previously patriotic party has redefined itself as social-something and has as its only goal to become a part of the government-opposition establishment (which is one single unit in Sweden). Just the other day they declared that they don’t mind at all to support the government-opposition’s dedication to dramatically increase the mass immigration of anonymous islamic men from the Middle East. They accept to be humiliated and completely frozen out of even discussions with the government-opposition (who has a 85% majority), if only it can be said in MSM newspapers that they are allowed in the club and support the government-opposition. That’s their only ambition. That’s how good negotiaters those geniuses are (none of them ever had a job, that is true for all Swedish politicians, they are all uneducated and never had a job and never achieved anything politically). Their party leader has totally distanced himself from Donald Trump, saying that he has not a single thing in common with Trump, revealing his strategic and political level of intelligence.

    Last year 5% of the police corps resigned. 8 of 10 soldiers say that they cannot do their job because of lack of staff, equipment, training. All forms of civil defense has been abolished, a power outage of a few weeks will kill a large majority of the population. And Sweden has the smallest army of all countries in the world. The militant islamists here are already many times more than the sum of all police and soldiers and they are much better organized and armed and led. Consider Saudinavia the center for terrorism and eternal arapic war in Europe.

    It is a bit interesting to watch a civilizations total destruction from inside. A man was shot to death outside my door a couple of months ago, and a car was set on fire a few months earlier right outside my door. My neighbor had windows smashed by (powder) bombs and I’ve been assaulted just here where I live. There exists no kind of mechanism in Sweden that in any way reacts against the quickly escalation violence and the coming holocaust. The Swedes are now like the jews who stupidly stayed in Germany in the 1930s, hoping to get a job as assistant in a concentration camp.

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