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McCabe’s defiant response to his firing incriminates Comey

Working for the Democratic Party: The defiant response yesterday by former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe to his firing included information that appears to incriminate fired FBI director James Comey.

McCabe is accused of misleading investigators about allegedly giving information to a former Wall Street Journal reporter about the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family’s charitable foundation. McCabe asserts in his post-firing statement that he not only had authority to “share” that information to the media but did so with the knowledge of “the director.” The FBI director at the time was Comey. “I chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor,” McCabe stated. “As deputy director, I was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. It was not a secret, it took place over several days, and others, including the director, were aware of the interaction with the reporter.”

If the “interaction” means leaking the information, then McCabe’s statement would seem to directly contradict statements Comey made in a May 2017 congressional hearing. Asked if he had “ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation” or whether he had “ever authorized someone else at the FBI to be an anonymous source in news reports about the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation,” Comey replied “never” and “no.”

The Justice Department’s inspector general clearly saw this “interaction” as problematic in seeking answers from McCabe. If the inspector general considered this to be a leak to the media, any approval by Comey would be highly significant. Comey already faces serious questions over his use of a Columbia University Law School professor to leak information to the media following his own termination as director.

It must be emphasized that McCabe’s firing was recommended by FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, which is an independent division in the FBI made up of FBI officials. Moreover, his response clearly reveals McCabe’s own Democratic partisan leanings. It also links those leanings to Mueller’s investigation, which further taints it. So does this analysis: Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards.

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  • Cotour


    James Comey sends a threat to the president about who will be judged “Honorable” and who will not.

    Honor has nothing to do with the subject at hand, James Comey should from the beginning have recused himself from Loretta Lynches extreme conflict of interest from when she met on the tarmac with ex president Clinton, the husband of the person Lynch was about to pass judgement on regarding the illegality of her ILLEGAL email server.

    This entire situation was cased by Comey and his misunderstanding about what his fiduciary responsibility was within the leadership of the FBI and was not.

    St. Comey is about to launch a book and a book tour, I think that he is about to get himself arrested and charged. What Trump is or is not morally is not the subject of the issue at hand, its about understanding ones job in the context of law and politics. Mr. Comey, you became a political actor and forgot what your responsibilities to the country were.

    I say James Comey will be indicted for leaking privileged presidential information among several other things.

    St. Comey is an ideological idiot. These people can not be as stupid as they are presenting, can they?

  • pzatchok

    his only get out of jail card did not get elected president.

    From that point on he and many others have just been in a CYA mode hopoing to get out unscathed.

    They have done everything from withholding information to throwing dirt at their opponents by leaking information and lies.

  • Garry

    Firing McCabe 2 days before his retirement is the most encouraging sign of swamp draining I have ever seen, although I remain skeptical that either will really happen.

    His denial of a pension would be a very significant event even if it weren’t tied to Clinton’s e-mails, the Russia probe, etc., as it goes directly against the prevailing culture in the federal bureaucracy.

    I predict that there will be an all-out war waged to get McCabe his pension, because so much rides on it. If Trump’s decision stands up, it will send a signal to federal bureaucrats everywhere that they are no longer allowed to run roughshod, or to be criminally negligent, which would be the first solid step anybody has taken to truly drain the swamp.

    What ultimately happens with McCabe’s pension may contribute more to draining the swamp than any other possible consequences of this whole mess.

    All I can do is hope.

  • Cotour

    Sessions action on McCabe is very encouraging, the next moment of decision will be after the I.G. Horowitz report. After that and it leading not so much to other government employees that have abused their power and become political actors but when the trail leads into the political realm. remember, sessions is a former senator, he is one of them and will have to be faced with no other choice but to prosecute.

    When the time comes that Hillary (A fellow Senator) and those who have surrounded her need to be indicted and prosecuted and Sessions either moves ahead or balks and refuses is the tell. At that point is when Trump will either support Sessions and his prosecutions or fire him because he will not and replace him with a pit bull. Possibly Trey Gowdy?

    This should transpire in the next coming weeks, then we will know.


  • Cotour

    In this interview (24 min) Jerome Corsi on the Hagmann Report simply lays out the Globalist agenda, essentially promoted by all president since Reagan, pushed and almost installed by Obama and Hillary and stopped (?) by the miraculous election of D.J Trump.

    No BS, Obama funneling billions in pallets of cash to Iran to fund the Muslim Brotherhood, Q Anon and the intel coming out before Trump executes it. This will / should all result in essentially the re founding of the Constitution by resetting through prosecutions all or most of who can only be considered Globalists and anti American / un American government employees, both elected and hired. And it will be done based in law. McCabe being fired is but the tip of a very big, dirty, filthy governmental abuse of power and anti American ice berg.

    2018 will be a pivotal year in American history, and if it is not then we have failed and we will all understand that we are just owned property.


  • ken anthony

    Firing McCabe was encouraging but ultimately meaningless. The corruption is just too deep.

    Humans are not up to the job of fixing this.

  • Kirk

    We may not really know until we see the IG report (if it is ever fully released), but I don’t believe that what he did should properly be considered leaking. It is part of the Director’s and Deputy Director’s responsibilities to authorize background discussions with reporters. The action is presumably documented and, while those providing the background information are not mentioned by name in the subsequent article, it is far from an anonymous, unauthorized leak. There are presumably rules and policies in place to cover such actions, and one of them is that they are not supposed to reveal the existence of an ongoing, secret investigation.

    The NY FBI Field Office did leak to the WSJ about the ongoing, secret Clinton Foundation investigation, and DD McCabe, learning that a story was going to run about it anyway, decided to authorize a background discussion. #1) This discussion officially confirmed the existence of the investigation (to the detriment of Candidate Clinton) and could be problematic in that regard, though I suspect that once the cat was out of the bag it was within the DD’s discretion to consider the existence of the investigation public knowledge. #2) The discussion disparaged the Obama DOJ by revealing that the DD’s office was having to push back against resistance from the administration in order to to keep the investigation going. That was revealed in order correct the statements from the Field Office implying that resistance was coming from the DD’s office itself, but the result was embarrassing to the Obama DOJ, and it may have been improper to reveal such DOJ vs. FBI tension.

    The IG may have decided that the DD’s judgement was faulty in one or both instances, but that would likely have led to only a mild rebuke. What raised this to a firing offense was Mr. McCabe’s “lack of candor” during the subsequent investigation (aka “It’s the coverup which will get you”). Again, we will have to wait for the IG’s report to see the details of what he stands accused of, as for now all we know is his own statement that he never intentionally misled the IG’s office and he contacted them after their interviews to correct the record whenever he realized errors had been made.

    More IG reports are coming, but this one just doesn’t look to be a big deal beyond Mr. McCabe’s personal situation. If everything happened in its appropriate time frame, this is probably the end of the matter. However, if final review was rushed specifically in order to fire him before his retirement date, then he will probably have enough of a case to claim a vindictive firing due to a political vendetta from the president and may be able to take legal action with discovery demanding access to White House / DOJ communication (to see if there was any more pressure than that exerted via twitter), and that could open new cans of worms. In the end, Mr. McCabe has long odds against him since FBI employees enjoy less protection than most government workers, though it is worth remembering that Bowe Bergdahl most likely avoided any prison time because the Commander in Chief couldn’t keep his mouth shut. (The military judge had chosen to ignore what Candidate Trump had said about the matter until President Trump said, “I shouldn’t comment on that, but I think everyone knows what I think on Bowe Bergdahl”. The second half of that sentence brought all his previous comments to bear and was considered unlawful command interference, resulting in a sentence without prison time.)

  • Cotour

    Kirk, Ken Anthony:

    What do you think about McCabes wife taking $700K from the DNC to run her political campaign, which was run / essentially owned by the Hillary political machine?

    Think about it, the #2 man at the FBI, who would judge whether to prosecute someone, anyone who might be attached to lets say questionable political activities gives $700K to the wife of one of those individuals.

    Too deep? So what, what must be done must be done no matter the cost.

  • Cotour

    Getting your nose in the proper orientation:

    McCabe, (As will Comey be proven to be) is a liar of the highest order as demonstrated, not by anything Trump or anyone who supports him says, by what the non political I.G. Horowtiz says. Horowitz has plainly said that McCabe is a liar, they couch it as having a “lack of candor”, in layman’s terms, McCabe IS A LIAR. He lied to the I.G. and there is evidence of his lying. What ever Trump has or has not done, and to this point I see not much to be concerned about related to collusion or much else, is another subject.

    Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, all participants in the Uranium One investigation. You know, with the Russians, and the many other high level FBI and DOJ leaders who have already lost their jobs (You do not lose your job for no reason in government) have no longer any credibility because they have become political actors with extreme prejudice against a presidential candidate and now a president that they “did not like”. Thats a big no, no.

    All of these high level FBI and DOJ players are in danger of being indicted. Why? Because they are employees with clearly described jobs and responsibilities and not empowered politicians. They forgot what their jobs were and became political operatives. Its the difference between the Political realm and the Pedestrian realm, two similar but very different places to exist in.

    If the FBI or the DOJ’s rational for doing what they did was because they saw Trump as being just too radical and a threat to the country, where were they when Obama was running for president? They knew well of his Leftist pedigree and his Globalist agenda’s, where were they then? No concern there?

    And there in lies their problem, their logic is just too convenient and self serving and it serves their agenda and not the country’s agenda.

  • Phill O

    The problem for the DNC is that they have used tactics that look more like Putin than his own skin!

  • Cotour

    Understanding how things really work in big government:

    A very interesting conversation about the shadow government and who own’s the day to day power, what will Horowitz do and how far will he go? If it is determined that its better to burn all caught and revealed FBI and DOJ officials for the cause then will he burn them?

    We may just be owned property right now and we just can not see it? Can we break the cycle?

    (As an aside, when watching this my sense was that Kimdotcom is maneuvering to trade some level of evidence about the Seth Rich murder that he may or may not have in his possession against any indictments in the U.S., and that would be fine with me. I in general agree with his positions on government, media / social media and the corporate driven agendas within government / “deep state”)

  • Garry

    Cotour wrote,

    “(As an aside, when watching this my sense was that Kimdotcom is maneuvering to trade some level of evidence about the Seth Rich murder that he may or may not have in his possession against any indictments in the U.S., and that would be fine with me. I in general agree with his positions on government, media / social media and the corporate driven agendas within government / ‘deep state’)”

    This is a direct contradiction to much of what you write; here you are basically promoting a nation of men rather than a nation of laws, because “I in general agree with his positions.” This is a VERY slippery slope. While I agree that we should seek information from Kimdotcom, we shouldn’t be so ready to drop indictments against him.

    After all, selective enforcement is at the core of many of the ongoing scandals.

  • Cotour


    I agree with your observation, but someone must draw lines and lines must be walked. I draw lines. We can discuss whether they should be moved one way on the other, but they must be drawn. Even if they appear to be contradictory at times.

    What I proposed above, trading real condemning evidence in this case in the Seth Rich murder case for a pass on some other offence, is done every day in the offices of prosecutors all over the country. Some I would agree with and some I would not.

    The Kimdotcom charges might be classified in the allowable category in this instance for me, not that I know so much about Kimdotcom. I assume he is a savvy player of the game.

  • Garry

    “someone must draw lines and lines must be walked. I draw lines. ”

    The lines are laws, and Congress draws them.

    I also know little about Kimdotcom, which is all the more reason not to be over ready to cut him slack. There are laws and guidelines about how to handle plea bargains (which Mueller is ignoring), but those are what should be followed.

    One of our big problems is that we let there be a game in the first place, which lets “savvy players” operate as powers unto themselves.

  • Cotour


    Congress is inhabited by mortal men and women, they make law, they draw lines. Prosecutors do not make law but they prosecute and apply law and sometimes draw lines within that law. Sometimes the line is here, and sometimes the line is there depending on what the end goal ultimately is decided that it will be and what they might receive in return. Not everything is black and white, good or bad, just or unjust.

    Sammy The Bull Gravano admitted to murdering 19 people and was allowed to give evidence against John Gotti and was allowed out of prison, a line was drawn, a deal was made. Quid pro quo, is that “Fair” or is that “justice”? Ask the family members of his murder victims what fair or justice would be.

    I draw lines and I exist on the outside in the Pedestrian realm along with you, there are people who are on the inside who become empowered to make these sometimes not so black and white decisions.

    If Hillary is indeed indicted but is allowed certain accommodations of the law either by the president pardoning her because she is too sick or the Congress giving her some level of pass because she is seen as a political realm player or because she is too sick to serve her sentence, how will you feel about that? That will neither be black nor white but it may be structured to keep some level of political peace in the country. Who really knows where all this is going? I make my best guesses.

    All of this “accommodation” after she is well indicted and a massive trial ensues and there are millions in claw backs and other penalties of course. This is gong to be a line drawn that may just drive you crazy.

  • Steve Earle

    Re: plea bargains and political considerations
    As Boston radio host Howie Carr often says: “In the Halls of Justice the only justice is in the halls…..”

  • Cotour

    Steve Earl:

    I know that you being a P.O. know exactly what I am talking about, justice is not always black and white, as a matter of fact it may never be what we think it is or should be.

  • Cotour

    Getting ready to rumble, the Trump team hiring an outspoken and savvy legal pit bull :

    Joe Di Genova is a former Federal prosecutor and has been VERY outspoken about his views on the activities ongoing in Washington D.C. in regards to the president and the special prosecutor investigation, an inspiration to watch and listen to related to the subject at hand.

  • Cotour

    Does CNN understand that when they fail to see, refuse to see, are forbidden to see that the “Bed Rock Institutions” that they site, the FBI and the DOJ, are operating through evidence as agencies over and above and separate from government oversight, that they essentially are political operatives and governments un to themselves?

    There is something called the Constitution that clearly lays out how things should and need to be and CNN and many others who refuse to see the bad acts of the leadership of the FBI and the DOJ but can only see the “unprecedented” actions of a president. It does not get any more dangerous for America then when the journalists, protected by the Constitution can no longer detect what protects and gives them their charge.

    Some may like or dislike Trumps style, I happen to see great advantage to it, but Trump is the president. There are consequences to elections.

  • Cotour


    Collusion within the FBI, DOJ, NSA and the CIA all the way up to president Obama. All worked to protect Hillary from being indicted and cost her the 2016 election and acted against Trump after he won the presidency. No doubt, 100 percent, its just a matter of determining who will be indicted for it. 8min

    Maria Bartomromo and James Kalstrom, a high level executive FBI special agent with 27 years on the job, discuss.

    And Trump had no involvement in the firing of McCabe, the Inspector Generals Office and their own internal ethics officers recommended McCabe be fired for his bad acts that were bad enough and counter to his fiduciary responsibilities to fire him.

    As an aside: What are the media operatives reporting? They are reporting of the many well endowed women who want to establish that they had an affair with Trump. So what ever Trump did or did not do it pales in comparison to the acts of real and through evidence treason and sedition by empowered politicians and employees of the government and law enforcement.

    How naive are we required to be to live in America today to allow these offences to common sense? I would propose, very.

  • Cotour

    Starting the weekend of right.

    I.G. Horowitz begins to release his reports, and what do we find out? McCabe was fire for cause, he lied on multiple occasions which is an abuse of the power and his fiduciary responsibilities related to leading the FBI.

    And this does not bode well for the rest of these numbers of government employees who did exactly the same and worse in the chase to install their choice in the presidency. Even though we have the Comey show being set off Sunday, I am certain it will be well watched. Comey’s only problem? He comes off as a weasel petty about things that he should not have been concerned with and the more he tours and answers questions the more reasonable people will he him in exactly that manner, weasel.

    Comey says that the president would “not recognize the truth if it hit him over the head”. One problem, Trump was not hired to tell the truth, Trump was hired to lead the country. I hired Trump because he was to me and my judgment America centric, could have a non confused laser focus and I knew that he could be ruthless when necessary. Three of the main qualifications that IMO are essential for success in Washington.

    Unfortunately Mr. Comey you do not know the difference between the two. Mr. Comey, St. Comey the moralist must in the end face the legal system for his many bad acts and abuses of his power as the head of the FBI. He will be needing all of that Liberal money he is being paid for his book for some good lawyers.

    I.G. Horowitz will continue over the next weeks to roll out his investigation, an investigation that Mr. Huber DOJ prosecutor from Utah will pick up and follow through on, and that is where the rubber will meet the road. And in addition there has been confirmed an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation based in Arkansas.


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