Microsoft gives people another reason to dump Windows

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Why I use Linux: In its effort to convince users of earlier versions of Windows to upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft is now inserting a full screen pop-up upgrade notification, often at decidedly unwanted moments.

The Redmond software giant confirmed today it will start showing dark blue screens urging people to install the latest version of Windows. The full-screen ads will pop up on Windows 7 and 8.1 desktops from now until July 30, when the free upgrade period ends.



  • chris l

    The evil of Windows 10 starts with the EULA. Microsoft apparently thinks declaring ownership of any files I have on my computer is an acceptable idea. I on the other hand, think giving a faceless corporation rights to pictures of my granddaughter is a stupid (and creepy) idea. So I am fighting a battle to keep this malware off my computer.

  • LocalFluff

    I am satisfied with Win 7. After several decades, they finally managed to make a reasonably stable operating system, congratulations! I won’t fix that which aint broken. I won’t upgrade until death do us apart. I know it is just a matter of time, but the longer I can hold my nose, the better.

  • Stu Harris

    µSoft have now started forcing 2 a.m. installations of 10. Here’s something you can install as a defense:

  • Orion314

    Reiterate , Disable, delete last WIN7 update , load/run Spybot Anti-Beacon, never had a WIN10 update issue

  • D K Rögnvald Williams


  • Phill O

    ” D K Rögnvald Williams
    July 2, 2016 at 9:36 pm


    I seriously doubt that! He may call him from time to time at the White house though.

  • James Stephens

    In all fairness Microsoft has been warning people about the push to W-10 for a wile. But more often then not, Microsoft forgets O.S. business is as much about perception as anything else. Chaotic release schedules, nagging and surprise midnight software pushes sell a lot of Macs.

  • Gealon

    And this is why I disabled automatic updates. I check for and install the updates I want, when I want and my computer doesn’t restart it’s self in the middle of a game ever again. I’ll keep my windows 7, it works for me, has what I want and need and isn’t loaded with spyware. *Cough* Not that Microsoft would ever load their beloved 10 with spyware. *Cough.*

  • wayne

    Mosquito nets for everyone, D.D.T. for no one.

  • Chris

    Microsoft delenda est!

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