Mob at Howard University attempts to silence Comey lecture

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The new fascists: A group of about twenty students screamed and yelled and prevented former FBI director James Comey from speaking during a lecture at Howard University.

It doesn’t matter whether you think Comey is corrupt, this new college tradition of students shouting down every speaker is the antithesis of civilization and freedom of speech. The trouble is that it appears that no one in authority, at either the college or the local governments, seems willing to do the things necessary (expulsion, arrests) to stop it.



  • Edward

    Apparently, the mob missed Stephen Colbert when he told his audience that Comey was no longer a goat but is now a hero of the left, because he was fired by Trump. Colbert was surprised that his audience had not already gotten that memo. Colbert had to turn cheers at news of the Comey firing into boos, supporting Comey and disrespecting Trump. (2 minutes)

  • wayne

    good job finding that clip!

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