NASA headquarters staff votes to unionize.

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NASA’s bureaucracy marches on: The staff at NASA headquarters today voted to unionize.

“This successful vote will allow us to work with management to improve working conditions for NASA support and administrative staff here at NASA headquarters, thereby improving operations, saving money, and retaining an engaged and professional workforce,” said Tifarah Thomas, a program specialist within NASA’s Office of the Chief Health & Medical Officer. Professional support specialists at NASA headquarters include budget analysts, policy analysts, administrative specialists, secretaries, and others.

NHPA currently represents nearly 200 engineers and scientists at NASA in Washington. The combined unit, including the professional support specialists who voted today for IFPTE representation, will now represent more than 500 workers at the headquarters of America’s space agency. IFPTE also represents engineers and scientists at NASA labs and research facilities from coast-to-coast.

Anyone with the slightest objectivity knows that the working conditions for federal employees in Washington is glorious, with pay about double what everyone else in the country makes and benefits far exceeding even the best private packages. In addition, the hours are great and just slightly longer than what my generation would have called bankers’ hours. Moreover, if I can be blunt, these engineers are mostly paper pushers. They are not the one’s designing and building anything that might fly in space. Their only reason to unionize now is because they see a threat to their cushy jobs with the advent of private space and are organizing to secure their unneeded positions.



  • DK Williams

    Your analysis is 5X5.

  • Pzatchok

    60 years without unionizing and now they need to do it?
    Scientists and engineers? The professionals?

    They smell whats coming down the drain and don’t like it.

    They are down to desperately unionizing in order to keep their cushy jobs and massive retirements.
    Well lets encourage them to unionize. And when push comes to shove the next republican President can give them the old R. Reagan. Boot them like the Air traffic controllers.
    Being in a nice tight group like that makes firing them just that much easier. We now know were all the lazy ones are standing.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Pathetic & ridiculous! Bob, you have been on the forefront pointing out NASA’ increasing irrelevance & ineffectiveness due to its bloated bureaucracy & lack of focus, and this is just about the last straw. With this sad & disgusting development, it’s a virtual certainty NASA will never achieve anything noteworthy again…

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