NASA is downplaying the hype about a big discovery by Curiosity.

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Surprise, surprise! NASA is downplaying the hype about a possible big discovery by Curiosity.

As I noted, Curiosity might have found something that is interesting and exciting, but every news source that hyped this story deserves criticism. Good journalism is reporting the news, not speculating about something that hasn’t happened yet.



  • JohnHunt

    But this is typical of reporting from Mars. Many of the reports are breathless assertions about how a finding means that life could have been possible on Mars either in the past or the present. Rarely is there any mention that there has never been any clear evidence for martian life. Rarely any mention of the lack of complex organics, limited amount of water in the past, ionizing radiation, perchlorates, no discoloration of rocks at any level suggesting past colonization by microorganisms, etc.

  • Pzatchok

    They either found an empty pack of Russian cigarets or a trash dump from some passing alien spaceship.

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