Next Falcon 9 launch delayed two weeks.

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In the heat of competition: The next Falcon 9 launch and attempt to land the first stage has been delayed to no earlier than February 9.

The rocket will carry a NASA solar observatory,

No explanation for the delay was given, but, because there was no indication it is connected to the payload, I stronly suspect it is because SpaceX needed more time to make some modifications to the first stage in preparation for the vertical landing attempt.

It was interesting to get back from a weekend trip to the mountains and find that over the weekend almost every press in the country had published a story about the last first stage landing attempt. SpaceX’s effort to do this has truly captured the interest of a lot of people who normally poo-poo this space stuff.



  • wodun

    Launches would get more coverage but constant delays, especially last minute ones, make them programmatically difficult for tv. Hyping a launch for hours before hand only to see it delayed is a major letdown.

  • thats why they started building covered stadiums. Overtime is ok because viewers tend to stay tuned, but rain delays make them change the channel.

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