No more manned Soyuz purchased by NASA after 2019

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The competition heats up: Both Boeing and SpaceX better get their manned capsules working by 2019, because NASA at this point has no plans to buy more seats on Russian Soyuz capsules after the present contract runs out.

Even as the commercial crew schedules move later into 2018, NASA officials say they are not considering extending the contract with Roscosmos — the Russian space agency — for more launches in 2019. The last Soyuz launch seats reserved for U.S. astronauts are at the end of 2018.

It takes more than two years to procure components and assemble new Soyuz capsules, so Russia needed to receive new Soyuz orders from NASA by some time this fall to ensure the spacecraft would be ready for liftoff in early 2019.

The second paragraph above notes that even if NASA decided it needed more Soyuz launches, it is probably too late to buy them and have them available by 2019.



  • Edward

    Didn’t Congress cut less money than this, annually, on Commercial Crew Development? It seems to me that Congress has thought itself to be penny wise but turns out to be half-a-billion-dollars-annually foolish.

  • wodun

    Having a deadline is often conducive to getting things done.

  • Craig Beasley

    “Having a deadline is often conducive to getting things done.”

    Yes, it certainly worked well for the Constellation program. ;(

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