North Korea announces planned satellite launch

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North Korea today revealed plans to place a satellite in non-geosynchronous orbit sometime in the next two weeks.

News of the planned launch between Feb. 8 and Feb. 25 drew fresh U.S. calls for tougher U.N. sanctions already under discussion in response to North Korea’s nuclear test. State Department spokesman John Kirby said the United Nations needed to “send the North Koreans a swift, firm message.”

Pyongyang has said it has a sovereign right to pursue a space programme by launching rockets, although the United States and other governments worry that such launches are missile tests in disguise.

It is horrifyingly hilarious to read the bluster put forth by Obama administration officials about this new North Korean effort to develop ICBMs that, as the article says, “could reach the U.S. West Coast.” Besides wanting to send “a swift, firm message,” they call the North Korean launch announcement a “slap in the face”, “another destabilizing provocation,” and “an egregious violation.” They then say they are working “cooperatively and effectively with the Chinese to counter this threat.”

It is laughable, but terrifying at the same time. North Korea, led by the worst kind of power-mad tyrant, is developing the ability to launch nuclear weapons to any place on Earth, and all our leaders can do is whine how mean they are.



  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    More hyperbole from Dear Leader’s minions. The American dear leader, that is.

  • Unpossible

    I’m not too worried about NK. They are totally dependent on China, and they have rational politicians who want money instead of destruction. Nukes are bad for the economy, so China will not let NK get the ability to use them.

    A nuclear explosion at about 400 km or so altitude over North Korea would wipe out all electronics in Northern China, including Beijing, South Korea and Japan with an EMP. While NK has no ability in sight to reach for example Japan with a nuke, it harder to shoot down a missile launch straight up over own territory. Since NK now is nearing that capacity. Mr. Kim don’t have long time left, is my conclusion.

    It was hard enough for West Germany to integrate the demoralized uneducated unprofessional population in DDR 25 years ago. A socialist country like NK has no skilled labor in its entire population. They have all been mentally damaged by their Lord government. Taking care of the injuries socialism has caused to its slaves will be difficult even after socialism itself has collapsed. I suppose all North Koreans will live the rest of their lives on (South Korean) welfare and with a reformed school system the next generation will be able to start performing useful work in 30 years from now.

  • Unemerged or Unpossible,

    I do not mind that you do not use your name, and I really like your comments. I only ask that for the benefit of my other readers and for improving the quality of the discussion, you use only one nametag so that people know that it is you each time commenting.

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