North Korea suspends nuclear and rocket programs

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Can we believe it? In anticipation of the upcoming summits with both South Korea and President Trump, North Korea today announced that it has suspended both its nuclear and missile programs.

The new policy, which sets the table for further negotiations when the summits begin, was announced by leader Kim Jong Un at a meeting of the North Korean ruling party’s Central Committee on Friday and reported by the North’s state-run media early Saturday.

Kim justified the suspension to his party by saying that the situation around North Korea has been rapidly changing “in favor of the Korean revolution” since he announced last year his country had completed its nuclear forces. He said North Korea has reached the level where it no longer needs to conduct underground testing or test-launching of ICBMs.

I think the real reason he announced this is that he knows that if he continues the program, he shall be increasingly isolated. Trump’s pressure on China forced that nation to put the screws on Kim, and as a result he really has no choice but announce the suspension of these programs.

What we really don’t know is if this announcement can be taken seriously. Its public framing, justified under the lie that the programs were completed, makes me very suspicious that he is lying about everything. We shall see how Trump takes it in the coming months..



  • Chris

    A wise man once said: “Trust but verify”

  • Localfluff

    First Russia, and the day after North Korea surrenders their ambitions in space. Facing the superiority of American entrepreneurship and military. Until now it was only the will to use this power that lacked in the West.

  • Cotour


    You once again don’t understand, he is far from perfect but stuff like this is why I hired him.

    Think about it, you want someone as the president that “Makes you feel good”, someone “nice”, a traditional politician. That is what has delivered us to the point that we were 19 months ago. Massive corruption in Washington, the most corrupt city on earth, forced to accept stagnation in the economy as a Leftist way to control people as we allow China to ascend to its world domination aspirations unopposed, a violent and threatening North Korea, economic and military domination by China, legislation through massive regulation, among many other things including the Leftist One World government and “Globalization”, where America is a non entity and just a label.

    I have no problem with the crazy and creative but effective things that Trump has done in his life that he has employed to manifest his dreams, they have been effective and in the end isn’t that what we all really want and need? Not a politicians smile and double talk and them doing what some group of “Others” directs them to do.

    What would I find in YOUR life if I were to go back 34 years?

    Again, this is why I hired Trump, you need to attempt to think different. Once again you come to the exact incorrect conclusion.

    Two things that need attention and there is only one person who in the past 50 years has been able to actually do SOMETHING about them. The first is the result of one kind of appeasement and the second is the result of the actions of weakness (read: Treason IMO) and once again the surrendering of Americas power and leadership. Both are unacceptable not only for America but for the welfare of the entire world.

    North Korea suspends nuclear testing:

    And who is accomplishing these things? That “Crazy” guy, at least I understand him to be an American and interested in things that appear to benefit America. The last 4 or more presidents IMO have been on this very anti American trajectory and like it or not and who knows to what degree it will be successful or fail but at least this president is doing what I think is appropriate and in OUR interests and not some counter intuitive and anti American agenda.

    You have a long way to go before you can say that you can make a reasonable decision about what is going on in the world because you insist on “Liking” and “feeling good” about the person that leads the country. That is once again incorrect, look at actual accomplishments and positive movement and not your emotional canned reaction to someone who you personally despise but is by evidence doing what must be done and taking care of business.

  • pzatchok

    NK missile tests to me me were no more than function tests. Basically ‘will they fly?’

    Obviously they flew but they never once hit a target or were even aimed at one. Not even a specific target at sea. They had the power and endurance to make it a thousand miles up but never once did he lean them over to see if they would make orbit.

    As for nuclear tests. The last one destroyed his own facility and quite possibly his production ability as well.

    This whole thing is like saying you have stopped drinking milk, a week after the cow dies.

    Plus China and Russia have for years been claiming their military equipment is as good as the US stuff and can counter it. They have been selling everything they could to NK to protect them from us.
    just like in Iraq years ago and now Syria. Not one single plane or missile intercepted. Does anyone think NK has better equipment than Syria?

    Kim Jung thinks Trump is just crazy enough to attack. And knows he has the political and economic power to tell China and Russia what to do.
    His defenses are useless and his defenders are pulling away from him.
    Sk is willing to work with him and have peace.
    Everyone is willing to call off the war and walk away except him. Without the war he loses control. If he doesn’t come to the table and declare peace he might just get retired against his own will. Soon.

    Trump is arranging the official meeting to give Kim Jung-il the official mobster retirement offer. Take what you can and leave or be forcefully retired. China is going to offer a nice house and safe place to go to.

    If he accepts a peace offer and open boarders he is out of power in a year. If not hes out of power inside two years.

  • Cotour

    1000 lbs of high explosives demonstrably delivered to within 3 feet or so of intended targets. The strike on Syria for what ever reason it was done serves many purposes, it reminds those who need to be reminded :

    Not to mention much of the same related to actual nuke tipped missiles that work every time and 13 operational carriers carrying 5th generation jets and multiple subs and satellite capability, all deliverable within 3 feet as needed.

    Benevolent power, respect (Read: Fear) and peace through strength is good, lets keep it that way.

  • Edward

    Yay! North Korea is finally going to end its nuclear and missile ambitions, just like they told three other presidents even as they continued their nuclear and missile programs.

    “This was a smart move by Kim,” Vipin Narang, an associate political science professor and nuclear proliferation expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said in an email. “Although it largely formalizes previous pledges on the moratoria from last November and March, it still leaves a lot of wiggle room for circumventing the pledges in the future, and nothing in there is irreversible. And nothing in there mentions denuclearization, of any variety.”

    I’m not taking the announcement seriously, and I won’t trust even if verified.

  • Localfluff

    With multiple GPS like systems the US Air Force can no longer shut down the navigation system of the missiles as they could during the Gulf war. I wonder if they have a cooperation with Russia and China and the EU (and Japan’s regional GPS version) to shut down their GPS like system over the Pacific on a minute’s notice when a missile is launched from North Korea. Anything else is in fact an act of war. The US should make that very clear. Maybe the US should but EMP or other energy beaming geostationary satellites in geostationary orbit over the Pacific that within a few minutes could take out all GPS like satellites over the Pacific that do not comply with the world peace requirement.

    SpaceX has, from first test, shown with what an exquisite precision GPS helps guiding rockets.

  • pzatchok

    You can easily shut down any GPS system.

    They each work off of a very small frequency band. Just jamb it.

    But NK does not have a GPS bases defense/offense system. They rely on shear overwhelming numbers.
    Thousands of howitzers aimed south. A few million short men. Thousands of trucks to carry them south. Mostly small arms based.

    Their most advanced systems are a GPS jammer and a laser to blind ground troops.

  • Joe From Houston

    When you control knowledge, religion, and money, you control the world. To shutdown a nuclear threat with a switch flip means just that.

  • Jason Lewis

    Maybe he’s out of enriched uranium and money for rockets.

  • Localfluff

    Howitzers won’t reach the US. That’s a problem the South Koreans have to handle. They do have the largest army in the world. (I think they should strike first)

    Now it’s spring time, love is in the air!
    Look at how the lovesick Trump is kissing and hugging and holding hands with the little Macron when he visited the White House. At the end of the clip he even drags him along unwillingly, this is hot! Brushing his dandruff off his shoulder, I’m sure Macron appreciated that very much. (As if the French president who spends $10,000 a month on cosmetics for himself, has dandruff on his suit, the tailor is very upset too).

    “- I like him alot! (Because when I say bomb, this little boy bombs!”

    I love how Trump is humiliating his inferior Western European clown colleagues. Thank you very much for electing him!

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