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Obama ignored Russian treaty violations to give it U.S. uranium mining rights

The real Russian collusion: In testimony before Congress an FBI informant outlined today how the Obama administration gave Russian control of the company Uranium One, that owned 20% of the U.S. uranium mining rights, despite being given clear evidence that Russia was providing aid to Iran in violation of treaties.

Campbell [the informant] had provided the FBI with evidence of the criminal network and delivered the information to the FBI. which was monitoring his work as an informant and approving his transfer of bribery money to the Russians. Those transfers, which were made in bulk $50,000 sums and at times delivered in cash, occurred between senior executives of the American transportation company and the Russian executives connected to Rosatom. He had given the FBI irrefutable evidence showing how contracts obtained from the same Russian energy company Tenex, were based on contract bribery and other nefarious actions, he said.

Senior members of the FBI, Department of Treasury, Department of Energy and Department of Justice were also briefed on Campbell’s information and were apprised of the various facets pertaining to Russia’s acquisition of the Canadian company. In fact, Campbell had been told by his FBI handlers that his work had made it at least twice into President Obama’s classified presidential daily briefings.

…Despite the insurmountable evidence collected by Campbell, the Obama administration’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States approved Russia’s purchase of Uranium One in the fall of 2010.

The real question that his testimony apparently did not address (though earlier reporting had said it would) is the connection between then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who approved the Uranium One deal, her Clinton Foundation that received millions from the Russians at this time, and the $500,000 in speaking fees that Bill Clinton also got from the Russians then. Those fees sure look like a quid pro quo, but this testimony did not provide any evidence to show that.

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  • Steve Earle

    From Cotours link:
    “…..In the end, though, he told lawmakers he remains disturbed that the Obama administration made so many favorable decisions benefiting the Russian nuclear industry when the evidence of wrongdoing and ill intent was so extensive. ….”

    I remember the Iran-Contra hearings…… Where are the Iran-RosAtom-ClintonFoundation hearings??

  • Cotour

    This is all just the tip of the ice berg.

    The Democrats interpretation? Its all just a Republican story telling to distract from their presidents problems. We will see about that.

  • Cotour


    Everything that we are witnessing today started in earnest about 30 years ago with the G.H.W. Bush administration. How many speeches did he make laying out the “New World Order” and the “One World Government” dream (Read: Globalism)? He stated it over and over again painting the picture needed to be imbedded in the public’s collective thinking. Remember, G.H.W Bush was the head of the CIA (Deep State), photo evidence may indicate the he was in Dealey Plaza on a particular day, Nov. 22nd 1963.

    G.H.W. Bush: ; “A New World Order in which a credible United Nations can fulfill its founders dreams”

    And with this political agenda thinking America begins to distribute $$$ its high technology and industry to the other big players in the world. Bill Clinton is well know to have been very closely connected financially to the Chinese, allowed our missile tech to go to China while we began to bleed our industrial base to China. Bill Clinton just another step to fulfilling the “dream”.

    Then G.W. Bush, a chimp of a man president, son of G.H.W. Bush, fulfiller of daddy’s dreams, that presided over events like 911 and the Warren commission like “investigation” of it which Robert Mueller “investigated” as the head of the FBI. And as a result we were gifted with the in the desk draw and ready to go Patriot Act and things like FISA warrants, NSA recording all communications etc. etc.. During the Jr. Bush administration Bush attempted to sell to Dubai the management of major U.S. ports or the Dubai Ports World controversy

    G.W. Bush: “U.S. President George Bush argued vigorously for the approval of the deal, claiming that the delay sends the wrong message to U.S. allies. Legislation was introduced to the United States Congress to delay the sale.” We are the frog, little by little the temperature increases.

    Are you getting an idea of how big and what is going on at the highest levels of our government and what overarching agenda is being fulfilled now? Shedding Americas foundation industry is a part of the reordering of the world power base. This is a part of the surrendering of our sovereignty and the further hollowing out of our Constitution that is essential to fulfilling the New World Order founders dreams.

    Then came Obama, the dream candidate, half black, half white, Islamic sympathizer, Leftist “Liberal Democrat” that along with the crowning of the “First Female President” was to be the final installment in fulfilling the “New World Order” dream (Globalism, and I can not figure out whether its all the same agenda or if George Soros and the Marxists high jacked it and drove it all the way Left as it has been driven or if its just all the same). Obama’s accomplishments included creating extreme racial disharmony in the U.S., flooded the government with Big Government Marxist’s, took a world wide American apology tour, constantly spoke of how guilty America was, how capitalism was the problem, attempted to change the power structure of the Middle East by empowering Iran over Saudi Arabia, gave them $150 billion and pallets of money in the dark of night, ensured their acquiring nuclear weapons, the list is too long but lets just say that Obama was the Leftist set up for the paradigm shifting presidency of the queen bee, Hillary R. Clinton, maybe the ultimate world criminal. Gold Finger has nothing on her, all real and fictional criminal characters pale in comparison. “You mean wipe it with a cloth?”

    And as we learn more and more about what these last two did as a team which America would have been transformed into a new country flooded with forced open borders immigration from the most undesirable places on the planet with people who did not intend to become Americans but to bring their culture here. And this final accomplishment was the coup de grace for America, it would ensure that the Democrats would for eternity rest power from all others in America. And that is ultimately the goal of the American RINO and the Democrat party’s, Its all the same.

    In 2018 we are going to be treated through testimony and evidence to witnessing all of this treasonous treachery, really by the faulty American presidents of the past 30 years, all four of them. From a sitting president violating his sworn Constitutional responsibilities with things like surrendering our Uranium to the Russians with millions in pay offs going to his successor to violating an opposition candidate’s Constitutional rights by being a part of his FBI and his DOJ illegally violating D.J. Trump’s Constitutional rights and by extension the Americans who chose to empower him as the president. Anything goes, the treasonous list is long.


  • Orion314

    It is now or never for this country. Death to Traitors, the rest go to jail. This country will never have another opportunity like this again. If this is not accomplished , this country deserves all it gets. USALASTCHANCE

  • Morgan Latte

    “Death to traitors” sounds good to me, Orion, but how are we gonna find rope strong enough to keep the bloated body of Putin’s President hanging long enough for asphyxiation? Maybe the short sharp snap will do it, but then how do get him up on the stool.

  • Cotour

    Does anyone find this “Coincidence” a little too coincidental?

    Uranium One CFO reported to be on the crashed Russian jet from the other day.

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