“Obama lied, my health care died.”

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“Obama lied, my health care died.”

Remember the presidential talking point? If you like your current health plan, Barack Obama and his allies repeated over and over again, you would get to keep it. There would be no change. Things would go on as before even if Obamacare became the law of the land. The letter that came Thursday put the truth to the president’s lie. I would not be allowed to keep my current plan because it did not conform to the dictates of the new law and it was going away. And there was nothing I could do about it save enroll in a new plan because, as the letter also said, “you will be required to select a new ACA-compliant plan in order to continue your coverage.”

There are no two ways about it: Barack Obama stood up in front of the Congress of the United States and lied the nation into a new health care insurance system. Given that, it is now clear what the origins of the current contretemps between the executive and the legislative branches clearly are.

By insisting the Congress give him a continuing resolution to sign that includes funding for Obamacare, and by willing to engage in a phony shutdown of the federal government to make his point, President Obama is trying to undo nearly 10 centuries of the democratic process – going all the way back to the Magna Carta – to regain the power of the purse for the executive. Though the current crisis may, to some, seem silly or petty, it has as its basis a critically important point. The U.S. House of Representatives is the representative of the people of the United States, the same people in whom the U.S. Constitution invests national sovereignty. And they have determined that Obamacare should not be funded.

Note again that Obama and the Democrats have shut the government down in order to make sure Obamacare goes into effect.



  • wodun

    I am losing my health insurance in much the same way as mentioned above. I haven’t been looking too close at the similar plan being offered through my insurance company but they appear to be only minor differences.

  • LTCStein

    This stuff is scary. I keep telling my wife that we are on a road, that if we continue down it to it’s end, end’s in a revolution in this country and perhaps a civil war. I am by no means a radical. Went to college, married and raised a family, recently retired, pay my taxes, fortunatly a fiscal conservative and don’t own anybody anything. I consider myself a slightly right of center moderate. I’ve voted in my life time both democratic and republican. But damn, this administration scares the bejesus out of me and this President is easily the worst in my lifetime if not ever (arguable). People, elections matter. Sure hope everyone who is scared too votes. Oh, and I’ve only ever missed voting once in my entire life (a mid term that I missed when in college). Wake up. Pay attention. Listen to both sides. Vote.

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