Obamacare causes school shutdowns in Tennessee

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Finding out what’s in it: A Tennessee school district has been forced to shutter classrooms, putting more than a thousand students out of school, because of the cost of Obamacare.

It is important to repeatedly note the disaster that is Obamacare, because many of the same people who wrote and imposed Obamacare on the nation, the Democratic Party, are still in office and are running for office again. Do we want these people writing additional laws?

Or are we so stupid that we are willing to ignore their failure and give them an opportunity to screw us again?



  • Phill O

    Let me start by saying what is good about a government run system as we have in Canada; for true emergency care it works well, in fact I would go as far to say “extremely well”. If the injury is work related (unless you are the boss) the system works well, but since the employer is the one paying into the “workers compensation premiums” one can not say that it is government owned.

    Now, the downside: The Canadian system is very expensive and over %50 of taxes go for paying it. If you have a chronic problem. it is crap! The wait times are worse than the VA. Once one is in the system, it is better, but getting a proper diagnosis can be a problem. The idea of a second opinion is not there as all are on the government system. A diagnosis is done on a sequential basis; that is, first try the cheapest way, the there may be a many step process which can take years. Also, if one goes outside the system, they will not look at you again! Our politicians use the USA for their health care needs!

    If we had a two tiered system, the folk well off would use it and the wait times for the government system would be less. However, there is a bit of the “dog in a manger” sentiment. The lazy ones who will not work do not want the people with money to get ahead of them. This drives initiative down as can be seen in Sweden!

    In conclusion, you folk in the USA do not want a Canadian system. Friend of mine have died before they got a proper diagnosis!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve had experience with the British health care system, and my oldest sister has experience with the British and Canadian systems. I’ve long maintained that the only people who want those systems are ones who’ve never experienced it Guess what, America?! You’re experiencing the worst of both!

  • “Or are we so stupid that we are willing to ignore their failure and give them an opportunity to screw us again?”


  • Doug

    Very sorry to say, I second the “yes.” There is very little doubt about it.

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