Obamacare is still vulnerable.

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Amen! Obamacare is still vulnerable.

One way or the other, this monstrosity is going to crash. Better that we keep fighting to kill it now rather then wait for it to do endless harm and then fail. And since a majority of state governors are Republican, they shouldn’t back down but keep up the fight. Moreover, despite Romney’s loss the election was still close and Obamacare remains deeply unpopular. There is plenty of support for killing it. The Republicans should not back down.



  • Patrick

    I say step out of the way and let them have anything they want were Obama Care is concerned.

    As a republican party I would say “Heck since the people obviously want it then let them have it.”

    In fact we should work to get it implemented as fast as possible and raise cane about the poor people who are suffering now because its not in place yet. Damn the costs. We have Americans who need this now!!!

    To save overall federal costs we should offer some way to switch all of our vets medical coverage over to the new and improved Obama care.

    In fact ALL federal unions should be on it.

    Stuff it so far and fast down their throats that they gag on it inside of 4 years.

    The MSM is already squawking about how the Republican Party is not being a good counter to the Democratic side. That somehow they need to step up and keep the administration from overspending. ( I almost died when I heard this)

    We can always just keep saying to the people and the MSM that we just don’t have the votes or voice to stop the Democratic machine. We will need help. Maybe they have(the MSM) an idea.

    As for the debt ceiling wouldn’t it be better to raise it even more now, than wait until later?

    Let them choke on all they want.

    I’m serious. I would be all for this plan. Stick to it until the people cry for the Republicans to take over again.

  • JGL

    Mr. Zimmerman, you used the word “unpopular”, I think we will all here agree, aside from the actions of Cheif Justice Roberts, that

    Obamacare is an unConstitutional law not just un popular and it functionally causes the government to own the people.

    As for jamming it down their throat as Patrick proposes, that is a viable strategy, it would be essentially turning the lefts, now socialist / left,

    own strategy around on them.

    The Saul Alinski and other Communist believers intended to overload the system with social programs to cause it to crash and rebuild it

    in their anti Constitutional model.

    It would obviously be very painfull and destabilizing on a world wide level, but maybe that is the medecine that is required, it might at least be


  • jwing

    John Galt did’nt show up to vote for Romney which explains why voter turnout was less then for McCain. Let Obama own his mess and at the same time fight to end Obamacare. The election(show) is over and now it is time for peeling away the lies and showing the sham to the american public. The public can be swayed to understand just how detrimental Obama’s policies and ideology is. The election was just a battle…the war continues and we had the truth on our side.

    I am resolved that now is not the time to sit back any longer. Our Republic and Constitution is truly at stake, and all it takes is a few good men doing nothing.

  • JGL

    I just read that Applebees is contemplating a hiring freeze due to Obamacare and people who supported Obamacare are talking about

    boycotting them.

    Is this the begining of the John Galt effect?

    Will the governemnt, “for the good of the people” ban all job freezes and pairing down of all company’s with 50 or more employee’s ?

    Or even better, will the government now mandate that people eat at Applebees in order to ensure that Applebees can pay the new overhead


  • Kelly Starks

    I’m see facebook post of several folk posting articles of various companies cutting people to avoid insurence, and others posting in disgust at such behavior — even amazed that anyone thinks employments been declining.

    up a lot of folks are going to get a big surprize.

  • Patrick

    No the Government will just take the easy way. The way the left has always wanted it anyways.
    They will just mandate a 100% coverage limit. All employees will now be covered.

    See ow happy the insurance companies get over that one. Everyone pays!! The best scam in history.

  • JGL

    The end result will eventually be that the government owns the people, your rights are no longer derived from your creator, your rights now

    are derived from man and his government, the exact opposite as intended by the founders.

    Lines have been crossed.

    Who ever controls where, when, how and if you receive healthcare functionally owns you.

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