Occupying vs. Tea Partying

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Occupying vs. Tea Partying.



  • Kelly Starks

    I guess you can get so far with betting on folks being to stupid to see through your crap — but there are limits.

    How many of these folks even realize who the 1% is? They likely figure their all stock brokers, millionaire industrialists, etc. Really its the folks who gross more then $340,000. I.E. those who owners of the local fast food places and gas stations – not the big company folks of McDonnell, but the guy who owns the one on the corner. The family farmer. Private doctor or dentist. Whoever runs your corner restaurant or small store. Even newage trinket and organic food stores

    And these Occupy folks are attacking them.

  • A couple of weeks ago the local paper of record ran an editorial suggesting the local chapter of OWS go home. This week the New York Times ran a similar editorial. It’s past time for OWS to emulate one of their favorite sons and MoveOn.

  • Kelly Starks

    Yeah a few assaults, rapes, and just smelling up the place, and folks stop caring what “statement” your trying to make.

  • Kelly Starks

    Course some towns can’t get a lot of OWS protesters.

  • LINO

    I witnessed the OWS protest in front of the Chase Bank in Colville,WA last Saturday. It was peaceful until someone showed up with hot coffee. At that point, civility was stretched. The two dozen people there leapt towards the coffee and consumed it unceremoniously.

    It’s that lack of discipline that could doom this movement.

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