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I will be doing another two hours with Georgy Noory on Coast to Coast on Tuesday night from midnight to 2 am, providing him an update of some of the real space and science news that has occurred in the past month, since my last appearance. Tune in for some fun stuff!



  • Phil Veerkamp

    In a symbiotic manner Robert Zimmerman and John Batchelor produce fountains of knowledge and shower the globe with desperately needed information.

    . . . then Robert performs a credibility dump on Coast to Coast into the black hole of nincompoopery that is “Georgy Noory”


    [you’re an educator not an entertainer, Bob] . . . FWIW, I’m a fan of CTC . . . but really, Bob!

  • Cotour

    Coast to Coast is where the sane, meets the Outer Limits, meets the flat out delusional. Noory needs him, someone has to represent the sane.

  • Excuse me, but I don’t say anything different on C2C than I say on John Batchelor. If anything, every hour of my presence on C2C is an hour less they can waste on UFOs, alien invasions, and pseudo-science. When I appear there, I am doing it to provide real information, and I do it in an entertaining way.

    Are you a snob? Do you think I should avoid C2C because you think I am better than them? I find that attitude repugnant. I treat them with the same respect I treat everyone, and that means if they are willing to let me appear and speak my mind, as I wish to, then I am going to do so. In the end, I think we all benefit.

  • hondo

    I found you Bob thru John Batchelor, and love you both – in a manly way of course. I will catch you on Noory.

    Your passion for what you do is sooo great! – that even Noory’s podium appeals to you. You are definitely the better (and braver) man than I.

  • D.K. Williams

    Well said, Bob.

  • pzatchok

    I listen almost every night. Its the best station I can get for the drive home.

    Its always at least entertaining.

    Tonight I will actually keep listening even after I get home.

  • Cotour

    Are you working out the “disco ball” like beacon mounted on the ISS to attract the aliens with the nuke mounted to destroy them after its determined whether they are Malevolent or Benevolent concept?

    Is this a DARPA initiated project?

  • Frank

    Good job on C2C last night Bob. Listened to the whole show.

    You always share interesting science and the extended format provided ample time to go deep and wide. I also noticed that you kept the conversation grounded in science and technology, avoided George’s invitations to go “paranormal”.

    You are a pro.

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