One liberal pundit proposes that Democrats embrace Obamacare in the coming election campaign.

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One liberal pundit proposes that Democrats embrace Obamacare in the coming election campaign.

Here’s a heretical idea. Rather than parsing the individual elements of the law, and trying to persuade voters on an à la carte basis, what about raising the stakes and defending the reform in its entirety as a historic effort to provide affordable health-care coverage to tens of millions of hard-working Americans who otherwise couldn’t afford it? Instead of shying away from the populist and redistributionist essence of the reform, which the White House and many Democrats in Congress have been doing since the start, it’s time to embrace it.

I hope they do it. For one thing, it would be refreshing to see Democrats actually campaigning honestly for once on what they actually believe in! For another, they would get creamed, because their fantasies about how wonderful Obamacare is have nothing to do with the horrible reality being experienced right now by millions of Americans.



  • Cotour

    Very few if any will have the stones to do it.

    The future began in the Florida Congressional race. “Jolly won 48.5% of the vote, and Sink got just under 47%. Libertarian candidate Lucas Overby was a distant third, with just under 5% of the ballots cast.”

    And you can add that 5% to the Republican’s final numbers, the Libertarian draws from the Republican not the Democrat.

  • Kelly Starks


    Quoting the next Para:
    >> What would that mean? It would involve reaching out to the Democratic Party’s core voters—lower-income people, minorities, highly educated liberals—and portraying Obamacare as the fulfillment of the great human-rights project that began in the nineteen-thirties, under Franklin D. Roosevelt, and was expanded during the nineteen-sixties, under Lyndon Johnson. That message wouldn’t merely be more honest; it would be more effective in getting Democratic voters to turn out in November, which is essential if the Party isn’t to suffer a repeat of 2010.:<> The G.O.P. campaign was straightforward and unrelenting. In one campaign ad (cited by Alex Isenstadt, of Politico), Jolly said, simply, “She supports Obamacare. I don’t. I’m David Jolly, and I approve this message because Pinellas needs someone to look out for our interests.” Another ad claimed that Sink’s loyalty was to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi rather than to Florida, adding, “Why else would she continue to support Obamacare?” <<

    When a Washington Lobbyests, outspent 4 to 1 by Dems, running against a well known local politician – can win just by saying shes for it, I'm against it — you do NOT want to wrap yourself around said it for your campaigns.

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