• Kelly Starks

    Its articles like this that get all Mars exploration folks branded as kooks. The idea that the first folks sent to explore Mars should be sent there no a one way mission (I.E. to live out the few years the first gen systems and medicine – and the supply flights from Earth – allow them to live) is unconscionable and disgusting. For space advocates to suggest it, makes voters recoil in horror from any who claim that label, and all they advocate.

  • John H

    The first humans on Mars may well be cavers! Sign me up for a one way ticket!

    “First, robots would identify a suitable location for a colony, based on the availability of a natural shelter (such as a lava tube cave) and the availability of water (in the form of ice, of course) as well as minerals and nutrients. Robo-construction crews could make the place habitable for humans.”

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