Pakistan threatens India with nuclear attack

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Pakistan today threatened India with a nuclear attack after India last night conducted a raid on terrorist camps in Pakistan.

The terrorist camps are the suspected source for an attack that killed 17 Indian soldiers two weeks ago.



  • Phill O

    I commend India for taking the bold step to attack terrorist camps , even if they are trying to “hide” in Pakistan. If India did not respond, Pakistan would think they were as weak as the Obama USA and future attacks would proceed. Israel has learned this lesson well and they exist only because they protect their citizens.

    Now, on the other hand, the allies of both Pakistan and India need to pressure their cohorts to reduce tensions.

    When boundaries are established and consequences followed through on, then peace can be made. This is a principle for both the work place, the community and the nation or international.

    Peace through strength.

  • wayne

    There’s a Bear in the Woods
    “President Reagan: Prepared For Peace 1984”

  • Tom Billings

    It is interesting to note that this response occurred after a direct assault on an Indian Army encampment, instead of an attack on civilians. Pakistan has been described by some Indian critics as “an Army, in search of a nation”. However, in *both* countries, the military is the most coherent and popular institution, just by a larger margin in Pakistan.

    One of the factions within Pakistan’s InterService Intelligence group (ISI) may have decided that pissing off the Indian military directly, in their recent attack against the Indian Army, is their own best strategy for influence inside Pakistan. Certainly, this cross-border raid creates tension that will at least temporarily benefit the ISI groups backing the Caliphate Revivalist Taliban. The minimum result inside Pakistan will be to keep the majority of Pakistani troops on the Indian border, facing the Indian Army, rather than facing down the Pathan tribal groupings that favor the Taliban on the border with Afghanistan. Note that the Pakistani Army is 40% Pathan in its ethnic makeup.

  • Localfluff

    I say, cook’em.
    Cook’em goood!

  • Michael

    Due to an accident of timing I narrowly missed the first nuclear strike.

    However I am fairly sure I will live to see the second. Somewhere. But it will probably be an exchange rather than a strike.

    Play hob with the greenies tho….

  • PeterF

    It is only a matter of time before some overmatched “commander” decides his only option is to use nukes. Won’t he be surprised when he discovers that they aren’t nearly as devastating against an opposing force as he has been led to believe? Unfortunately the tactical use of fission/fusion weapons will then become, not uncommon since they will be no longer “unthinkable”.

    The Pakistan/ India Kashmir conflict is by far the most likely candidate for the first battlefield use of tactical nukes.

  • Localfluff

    They only have a few hundred bombs each.
    India must start the war nuclearly and then roll over the inbred Paki lunatics with their superior conventional forces. The problem is that Pakistan is allied with the world’s second and third biggest spender on military, China and Saudi. They are a road west of the Himalaya from China to the Indian Ocean and to the Middle East. But India, the world’s largest democracy, must strike first to get rid of the Pakis. It won’t get better by waiting.

  • Localfluff

    @PeterF Fission nukes aren’t worse than the carpet bombing of a conventional air raid. The nuke scare probably comes from fusion bombs which can be made arbitrarily large, like the size of the Sun. Neither India or Pakistan seem to have thermonuclear weapons, but they seem to attempt developing them. But nuclear development goes towards smaller bombs with greater precision, so fusion bombs maybe aren’t militarily very useful anymore.

    The devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I think, came from the fire storm afterwards. Those were poor cities made almost only out of wooden houses. I think the shock wave tipped over cooking oil on open fires in the “kitchens” and that many small fires grew and joined to fire storms. Left unattended by people going to the shelters and the firefighters going to the obvious problem zone at ground zero. The concrete buildings and bridges even at ground zero are intact on the photos. In modern cities, glass will be a killer, as the asteroid over Chelyabinsk indicated. And maybe the gasoline in the cars could cause a fire storm.

    This site illustrates how tiny an effect fission nuclear bombs have. Put a 20 kiloton North Korean bomb in Seoul, or your home town, and see how puny its fireball is. If people just stay calm, it could be dealt with as well as the last horrible tsunami that hit Japan a few years ago.

  • Wayne

    ‘fluff–( it’s the overpressure & prompt radiation, everything else is just pure icing on the cake.)
    > Decapitation strike, submarine launched Trident II missiles, with 8 multiple independently targeted re-entry vehicles, each, comprised of W-88 (thermonuclear)warheads.
    –It’ll be over in 25 minutes.

  • wayne

    On a more serious note, ‘cuz this is an important topic.

    Nuclear weapon’s effects-tests;
    Operation Hardtack 1958

    Nuclear Weapon Effects on People And Property
    Operation “Cue” (Nevada test-site, 1955, pre-hydrogen weapons)



  • Maurice

    The only thing the P’stan army has to keep going at india is their terrorists. Now that these assets are being subjected to direct attacks, their first response was to hide behind their nuclear umbrella. Kindly take note, the Iranians will be using this tack soon as well. The correct response is to identify to the P’stan army leadership the location of every unit and unit commander slated to be targeted preemptively in case the nukes are being seen to be made ready. Leave it to their imagination what kind of munitions would be used …

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