Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun

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Philladelphia police harass, threaten to shoot man legally carrying gun.


One comment

  • JGL

    This seems like an incident where the police are trying to make an example of this guy or anyone who chooses to legally carry a

    gun on the street, the purpose must be to negatively condition the public and to discourage such activity, even though it is legal.

    The public carrying must be seen as a threat to the police who do a very difficult job and must not view the public carrying as a

    help but a danger to them and others.

    They might care less about the potential legal repercussions, they must see this in a larger context where you make your point

    in such circumstances and discourage such behavior by the public in the future.

    Ultimately the city will be sued and a settlement arrived at but the police will have made their point and will have discouraged

    others from suffering such humiliations and expenses.

    Its how the police can skin that cat.

    Criminals carrying is a whole nother subject.

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