Polar bear populations continue to grow and thrive

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The uncertainty of science: Despite numerous doomsday predictions by global warming advocates, new data of polar bear populations in the Canadian Arctic show them to be both growing and healthy in 2016, with the trend lines all rising in the past decade.

The numbers show almost no regions in decline.



  • Max

    My sister just retired after spending nearly 20 years as a schoolteacher in various villages on the north slope. (harsh conditions, but it pays very well)
    Federal law prohibits the hunting of polar bears. Villagers complain about the increase in vandalism and competing with the polar bears for fish and seals. As the seal population increases, so does the bear population.
    Villages are allowed one or two whales per year to see them through the winter. They hunt the whale and pull it up on an island or a few miles from the village to let it freeze. they cut it up with chainsaws and hand out large chunks to all who want it. And then the Bears come… Usually they can scare a bear away with a tractor covered in wire mesh. With so much smell of fresh meat in the air, the Bears cannot be kept away. My sister took some video of a hand full of bears feasting on a whale that had not yet frozen. Getting that close with a floodlight in the eternal darkness above the Arctic Circle was a risky thing to do.
    Armed crossing guards help the children home from school when there is a bear sighting, my sister would often work late and was terrified that there might be a bear on her walk home. Polar bears do not hibernate and blend in with the snow.
    Even though there are more bears then in times past when they would hunt them for winter meat to survive, more people are killed by moose in Alaska then by bears.

  • LocalFluff

    A Norwegian friend of mine seriously tells me that there’s a law to carry a gun! In order to kill an attacking polar bear. Take that for a second amendment! You HAVE TO carry a gun.

    Still, polar bears kill much fewer people than arapes do. But it is very very illegal to carry a gun in Norway’s cities where the arapes live. Even the police is unarmed. You’re force to defend yourself against the polar bears in the north, but you are prohibited from defending yourself from the arapes in the cities.

  • Cotour

    I was having dinner with a self identifying “liberal” lady friend the other night who despises Trump (Mean while she is very nice, but is a ruthless CEO and would gladly cut your throat and watch the life drain from your body, and then finish her dessert. I tell her “your just like Trump”. Makes her nuts).

    We were talking about the “Global warming” Issue and she goes immediately to the “what about the Polar bears, they are all dying!”. I told her that was not at all true, the term “Climate change” is primarily a political term and has nothing to do with science.

    Polar bears are apparently ignoring “Climate Change”.

    I sent this to her, I await a response.

  • Erkforbee

    Arape? What’s that?

  • Cotour

    That got me two for a moment, then I realized it is his way of describing the Islamic guests in his country.

    Arabs / rapists = Arapes.

  • wayne

    I always took that for a sapien vs. simian type association, but that makes even more sense.

    This pretty much sums up the state of Fake News today.

    “Sweden: Trump vs Media Lies!”
    Louder With Crowder 2-21-17

  • mpthompson

    Does making up terms such as Arapes hurt or help open up other peoples eyes to the problem we would like them to see? I know that in California it doesn’t help. If they are Islamic rapists, I prefer to simply call them that. Besides, many Islamic immigrants in Europe are not Arab.

    Just my 2 cents. Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and I’m more grumpy/sensitive than usual. Over and out.

  • Cotour

    MP, I totally agree with you.

    It does not move the football any further down the field in a reasonable, productive and constructive way when the name calling / labeling like that begins. It outraged me when people would lower themselves to call Michelle Obama all kinds of names. And I am someone who tends to label people as to their beliefs and supposed political philosophies. But not at that level.

    But I am certain that it precisely expresses the Swedes frustration and outrage at what their government is forcing on them. Imagine, your own government forcing alien people on the people of their own country in massive numbers that make their own families and specifically their women in danger of sexual assault. The Swedish government, like most others, are in the process of institutionally castrating the males in their own country. Outrageous! Hey, wait a minute, that’s exactly what has been going on right here in America!

  • Edward

    LocalFluff seems to have good reason to be less than complimentary of the refugee guests in his country; they seem to be selfish ingrates:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqaIgeQXQgI ( 10 minutes, Ami Horowitz, “Stockholm Syndrome”)

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