Premature engine cutoff on Soyuz upper stage

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During a successful Soyuz rocket launch of a Russian Glonass GPS satellite last week, it appears that the engine for the rocket’s upper stage cut off prematurely, requiring the third stage to fire longer to get the satellite into its proper orbit.

This scenario is almost identical to what happened with the most recent Atlas 5 launch. There is as yet no word on why it happened, or if the Russians plan to investigate it.



  • PeterF

    So the Russians are suffering from PE? Premature Engine Cutoff? Next it will be ED. Engine Disfunction…

  • LocalFluff

    It looks unfoldable. Like feathers or the skin of a snake or fish. A micrometeorite hitting an outer “plate” has a few inches to distribute its shrapnels. Maybe it helps radiating heat. Whatever it is, it is happening.

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