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Pushback: Christian adoption agency wins against NY’s attempt to force it to send kids to queer families

New Hope: willing to fight for its religious beliefs
New Hope: willing to fight for its
religious beliefs

Bring a gun to a knife fight: When two different New York state agencies threatened to investigate and penalize the Christian nonprofit New Hope Family Services because it refused to place orphans with queer couples, instead insisting that the children under its care be adopted only by a mother and father, New Hope sued — twice — and has now won two settlements that will allow it to continue to place children in the manner that matches its beliefs.

Faith-based adoption provider New Hope Family Services secured a second victory against New York state officials, after securing a favorable settlement and a payment of $250,000 for attorneys’ fees in a related lawsuit settled last month. In settlement of the second lawsuit—which challenged an attempt by a different New York state agency to punish New Hope for adhering to its religious convictions—New York officials agreed to pay an additional $25,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs, and broadly confirmed New Hope’s right to continue its critical work of placing infants in permanent homes without government harassment.

The first lawsuit [pdf] against New York’s Division of Human Rights was filed in September 2021, and has now been settled with the state required to pay all of New Hope’s legal fees and to cease persecuting it for following its religious beliefs. The second lawsuit [pdf] against the New York State Office of Children and Family Services had previously been settled in 2022 after two courts ruled [pdf] the state had been violating New Hope’s First Amendment rights and must stop its harassment immediately.

The different rulings of the courts were very clear. If New York’s depraved government wishes to allow queers to raise young children, that is its prerogative. It however has no right to force others to violate their religious beliefs and make them do so against their will.

The witchhunt's continue
The witch hunt’s will continue

While this ruling frees New Hope from this harassment (for the moment), the willingness of different New York government agencies to use their power to persecute it multiple times, even after losing in court, tells us this story is not over. This victory did nothing to punish the officials in New York who instituted the actions. These people — all oppressive Democrats — remain in power, and have shown no remorse or even a hint that they recognize that they did anything wrong. Instead, they see such defeats as merely a speed bump in their race to make everyone obey them in all ways. Expect them to try again, and very soon, since they consider the harassment itself an achievement because — even if they lose in court — the legal action acts to wear down any opposition to their policies. Eventually, religious organizations either give up their beliefs and bow to the queer agenda, or flee the state entirely. Either result will be considered a victory for the left and the queer agenda it now promotes everywhere.

Nonetheless, New Hope won, which tells us that the federal court system is still honoring the Bill of Rights and the law. How long this will last under the onslaught of the left to destroy both remains an open question.

New Hope’s willingness to fight, with the help of the non-profit legal firm the Alliance Defending Freedom, also tells us that there are still people out there willing to fall on the sword rather than sacrifice their sacred beliefs. Kudos to both. We need more such fighters.

Genesis cover

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  • James Street

    BTW, happy gay pride month!

    “Homosexuals should get monkeypox shot ahead of ‘Pride Month,’ Chicago health officials say
    Monkeypox is primarily spread among men who practice homosexual activity.”

    It’s odd they don’t shut down gay bars this month like they did churches during COVID. Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

  • GaryMike

    30+ years ago, I married a bi-lesbian.

    We’d known each other, circling around about, 16 years.

    She left after 9 months; the divorce was finalized 11 years later.

    She filed because I wouldn’t.

    The problem isn’t white men. It’s white men haters.

    Comply or else.

    She didn’t realize that males are non-compliant by nature.

    Her bad.

  • Col Beausabre

    James Street – Remember when Michael Fumento was pilloried for writing The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS for hating people and spreading lies because he claimed AIDS was a problem of unsafe sex among homosexuals. Now his point is accepted by public health officials

  • Star Bird

    Why should they be forced to send straight good kids to some place where they will be subjected to two Rainbow Boys Kissing

  • James Street

    Col Beausabre, yes.

    Do you remember when the government and media scared us with the narrative that Monkeypox was the next virus we should be afraid of, but it came out that it primarily affects gay men. Then Monkeypox started popping up in children and the whole narrative went away.

    On July 4th Jim Caviezel has a new movie “Sound of Freedom” coming out about child sex trafficking.

    Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse (CTH) blog wrote:

    “Long-term Treepers will remember the deep diving research we did into the issues of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC’s) during the first term of the Obama era. You cannot go into that world without finding the issue of trafficked children; it is a dark and horrific issue that few can truly fathom. CTH had to back out of the research because without professional support it has negative psychological impacts. The depravity is pure evil.”
    “CTH has glimpsed the dark underbelly of the world being described and portrayed in this movie. My hope and prayer are that Jim Caviezel and the entire team responsible for the production of this movie are able to awaken a larger audience to the horrors they outline. Pray for them.”
    “Lastly, there is only one force in this universe able to destroy this level of evil manifest, that force is the power of God. Pray for it most!”

    This is the horror of what we are up against.

  • GaryMike

    I’d be remiss not also mentioning that she was Muslim.

    I have always tried to treat her as just another normal individual.

    Maybe its me that’s not normal.

    Maybe both of us weren’t.

    .Life is confusing.

  • GaryMike

    Sorry to be making this thread about me.

    I must have issues.

    I’ll take the next week off.

  • Alton

    Gary Mike…
    Keep up the Good Work Sir!

    I will not start listing my decades of …….

    But it does make Life……..

    Interesting 🤔

  • David

    The queer agenda requires us to bow now? Well, that’s just too much! Sorry, late night humor.

    Seriously, it seems to us with open minds and eyes, that the race to destroy the Bill of Rights and the law is becoming increasingly an assault waged by both extremes on the left and on the right. Each with misguided belief that they have the right and obligation to tell the vast majority how we should and must live our lives.

    I still believe in the promise of our country. Yet, there are times when I wonder how we get there to the next era while we have significant chunks of the country who look at those across from them in political beliefs with such unrelenting hostility and venom.

  • Jeff Wright

    Let me play Devils Advocate here.

    I am going to be charitable and say that maybe some in the elemenop community had stern social conservative parents who forgot love the sinner, hate the sin.

    I their minds, they are rescuing kids.

    Problem is, a straight kid is just as easily if not more likely to be miserable in a gay household…especially a boy with 3rd wave feminists for parents.

    Not every boy is going to be John Wayne…not every girl Jane Mansfield.

    So I say—swap kids. The conservatives get the kid they want—and the rest wear high heels together and everybody’s happy.

    East Ukraine/West Ukraine

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