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Pushback: Two reporters sue ESPN for terminating them for not getting jabbed

ESPN-opposed to religious freedom

Bring a gun to a knife fight: Two former ESPN employees, sports reporter Allison Williams and producer Beth Faber, have now sued the network and its owner Disney for religious discrimination when it refused to recognize their religious reasons for refusing the COVID shots and thus terminated them.

You can read their complaint here [pdf]. The thuggish, unreasonable, and irrational attitude of the company to both employees — typical of all pro-jab organizations during the Wuhan panic — is well illustrated by this quote:

Despite offering to test regularly and wear a mask, work remotely or in-studio, and claiming she had already had COVID-19 and “had natural immunity,” ESPN denied her exemption request and terminated her contract a week later, according to the suit.

Nor is this lawsuit the only one against ESPN by a sports reporter. In May 2022 sports anchor Sage Steele sued ESPN for punishing her for expressing opinions — on her own time — against the jab mandates. The Allison/Faber complaint lists eight more lawsuits against ESPN, noting also that this is only a sampling. All told, more than 1,000 such lawsuits against the jab mandates have been filed nationwide.

All the lawsuits bluntly describe the ugly vindictive narrow-mindedness of the pro-mandate culture. You will obey, or you will be destroyed. You have no freedom of action. In fact, you are not allowed freedom. You are their slave and will do what they say.

Williams has since joined Fox Sports. It is not clear if Faber has obtained a new job. She had been an acclaimed sports producer at ESPN for more than three decades, prior to her firing.

The lawsuit demands a jury trial, and calls for “compensatory damages, back and front pay, reputational damages, damages for emotional trauma and distress, punitive damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of the action, pre- and post-judgment interest” because of violations to numerous civil rights laws, the Connecticut Constitution, as well as the first, fifth, and fourteenth amendments to the Constitution.

The lawsuit is interesting as well as in that it attempts to tie the company’s decision to blindly enforce the mandate with its close partnership with the federal government. At that time the Biden administration was pushing mandates hard, and the lawsuit alleges that Disney was working hand-in-glove with that administration to make those mandates ubiquitous.

So far the track record of the many lawsuits against the jab mandates has been generally good. Not all have won, but most have come down on the side of the oppressed, either by a favorable settlement or ruling. Based on the facts as described, it would not surprise me if ESPN/Disney also tries to settle. It also would not surprise me if a settlement is refused, since it appears the case against these corporations is good. They should be made to pay, and pay big.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Max

    Genetic manipulation developed by DARPA for biological warfare, provided ingredients and mixing instructions to the pharmaceuticals, and re-labeled as a vaccine.
    Untested, unproven, experimental therapy with falsified claims of “safe and effective” without due diligence. Immune from prosecution…
    What could possibly go wrong?

    Local radio played an interview with a biotech executive at the world economic forum, he was asked about the “graphing oxide” in the shots. VIP responded that it’s to “reduce the population” with the average death to be in about 10 years, depending on how many shots they received.
    Asked to play it again and he could not find it, it disappeared! The email he received it from, disappeared, and the person he received it from also said their link disappeared…

    Here’s extensive collection of the data on graphene oxide;
    “”Graphene was part of the first human genome project initiated in 2001. mRNA gene therapy Nanotech using Graphene Oxide as a vector, runs on CRISPR technology and it was developed by Pfizer,Moderna, and BioNTech, as a treatment for sick cancer patients. Due to its cytotoxicity (cell death) in healthy cells and the fact that all the animals died in the animal trials, Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology was never approved for use on Humans! Why is this technology now being used on healthy people and on children, who are at no risk of COVID?“”

    The pharmaceuticals are actively pursuing new income streams of forced vaccinations.
    Breaking news.
    Latest from project veritas, Pfizer planning/producing, the next pandemic. “This is BIG” a violation of international law.

    In other trials recently, the people responsible for forcing vaccinations pointed to “operation warp speed” and the marriage between pharmaceuticals and department of defense (public private partnership) with authorizations and mandates that they do so. (just following orders)
    Under emergency use authorization, it suspended all constitutional rights and human rights. (EUA, emergency use authorization has been funded through 2024, but can be canceled or extended depending on the president)

    They can’t get away with this! Although the Nuremberg treaty has been revoked, we need new Nurenberg type trials for this crime against humanity! The unexplained “died suddenly” death rate is off the charts…

  • Col Beausabre

    “Genetic manipulation developed by DARPA for biological warfare, provided ingredients and mixing instructions to the pharmaceuticals, and re-labeled as a vaccine.
    Untested, unproven, experimental therapy with falsified claims of “safe and effective” without due diligence. Immune from prosecution…” ou’re proof, please… and not My Big Coloring Book of Conspiracy Theories

  • I took the J&J jab which has since been outlawed. I understand that it didn’t use the graphene oxide. I have received no boosters and don’t plan to.

    As to Max’s disappearing email, if it was on gmail or some other major platform, I am not surprised. TPTB have ways to control us peons.

  • Max

    Big brother Bill is back, and he has a grandiose plan.

    (it’s hard to watch with him fidgeting so much that he kept falling out of the seat… thank goodness somebody handed him a microphone so he could only talk with one hand)
    He talked about new products that everyone will take, vaccines in food, Mist nasal vaccines… I’ve seen other articles that talked about the main ingredient being graphing oxide.

    Col Beausabre;
    With all due respect sir, a two word search (vaccine DARPA) came up with this.
    DARPA think tank (with a imaginative coloring book…) and the conspiracy is between public private partnership… the weaponization of the health department. (Also known as operation warp speed)

    December 2020; The eve of vaccine roll out.
    “Former Director of DARPA, Regina Dugan, joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss this secretive government agency behind COVID-19 vaccines.” Short interview found here;

    Important key phrases, and statements to back up what I said… From what she said!

    “SEANA SMITH: As Pfizer’s vaccine starts to get distributed this week, and also as we prepare for Moderna potentially being next in line“

    “And what I remember was a pivotal moment in 2010. So we were contemplating new programs, and a program manager by the name of Dan Wattendorf asked too big what ifs. He said, what if we have a global pandemic and it’s a novel pathogen? That will be catastrophic. We can’t wait the normal 3 to 10 years for a vaccine. And what if instead we could use mRNA to create a vaccine in days and weeks instead of the normal year-long timelines, 3 to 10 years?”

    Roll the dice, bypass testing;
    And there were a lot of critics at the time. They argued that there was no evidence it would work, and Dan argued there was no evidence that it wouldn’t work. And if it did, someday it would matter, and that day has come.

    Technology companies involved as well;
    “we know that this administration specifically focused a lot on public-private partnerships dealing with not just the health-care companies but also the tech companies for the rollout of software that will track some of these adverse events and the safety monitoring”

    Response; (Remember, Moderna, has never made a product until the vaccine… Apparently created by DARPA)

    “REGINA DUGAN: Well, look, I firmly believe in public-private partnerships. And, in fact, when we made the investment in Moderna at DARPA, they were three people. And these early investments are important, and now we see what’s happened with the investment of private capital”

    Public/private means public officials can change hats and make a lot of money in the private sector… If you want to go down the rabbit hole, look up “welcome Leap”/“welcome trust”

    “How do we ask the new “what if?” questions for public health and human health. And, in fact, it’s the reason I accepted the CEO role at Welcome Leap, which was formed by the Wellcome Trust with an initial funding of $300 million and a specific mandate. And that is to ask the next “what if?” questions, to create the next round of breakthroughs for human health.”

    “Are you confident that the government and DARPA are still asking those questions and going to come up with the solutions for the next time this happens?”

    (Bill Gates talks about “next time” often, see article above and the veritas link in my first post)
    Her answer;
    “DARPA has historically had about 0.5% of the DOD budget. It’s an amazing organization with respect to the leverage it offers– small investment but right at these pivotal places where we need the kind of risk-tolerant investments”
    (translation, risking other peoples lives as an investment)

    “But in health we also see private organizations like Wellcome Trust, like the Gates Foundation, others stepping up and beginning to ask those kinds of “what if?” questions as well“

    Didn’t Bill Gates brag he maded a 20 to 1 on his investment? And 10 to 20 new billionaires created? How much “risk tolerance” is there when you’re immune from prosecution?
    She sums it up saying she can use the pandemic for a righteous moral cause that will affect the entire world and the DNA of the human race itself while making money…

    “And I think it’s clear human health, global health is going to require that of us. It is not only a moral investment. It is also an economic investment, as we’re seeing in this current pandemic.”

    Three years later, we are witnessing what she meant by those words. It’s not turning out quite the way they had planned, people seldomly “willingly” walk into to the ovens.
    Expect more theatrical diversions to keep us occupied while they consolidate the shifting lines of power… (There’s no honor among thieves) there will be power plays at the top. (Russia doing a “slow motion war” with southern Russia, bleeding us of all our weapons and money? Pelosi‘s husbands love affair? Removal/Impeachment of another president? The physical invasion of millions of people on our southern border? Rigged voting machines? Or something simple like New digital money or Germany declaring that we are at war (NATO) with Russia yesterday resulting in a nuclear conflict?)

    Need more links? More conspiracy coloring books?

    “GE Research and a multi-disciplinary team that includes the Broad Institute, DNA Script, MEDInstill, Molecular Assemblies, and the University of Washington, have been awarded a five-year, up to $41 million project through a new program from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) called NOW (Nucleic Acids On-Demand Worldwide).”
    “DARPA’s NOW program, managed by Dr. Amy Jenkins in the Biological Technologies Office, was created to develop a rapid, mobile medical manufacturing platform for producing, formulating, and packaging DNA and/or RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics for use in stabilization and humanitarian operations and to better prepare deployed, field-forward forces against bio-threat attacks and emerging infectious disease. Developing this type of platform would enable the deployment of vaccines and therapeutics in just days vs. weeks.“

    (How many years? does it take to prove a vaccine safe?)

    “Dr. Nelson and the GE Research team is in the final stages of a project with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to develop a faster method for making doses of DNA-based vaccines. Similar to the new DARPA project, the team’s research and technology is focused on the speed of amplifying or scaling the manufacture of a given vaccine”
    “GE Research is GE’s innovation powerhouse where research meets reality. We are a world-class team of scientific, engineering and marketing minds working at the intersection of physics and markets, physical and digital technologies, and across a broad set of industries to deliver world-changing innovations and capabilities “

    And what do they make? Synthetic DNA of viruses?

    “The novel synthetic method to produce industrial amounts of DNA, Dr. Nelson says, will be key towards enabling the new production system, stating, “Our team has experience and expertise using enzymes to make DNA synthetically instead of purifying it from living cells“

    DARPA… What would a weapons manufacturer want to do with mass production of synthetic viruses? Synthetic cures that don’t work? Are the conspiracies true?

    Remember gulf war illness? Experimental shots given to the troops resulting and thousands dead? Only 100 troops died in the first gulf war, 50,000? died of mysterious cancers and conditions… Blamed on Sodom Hussein’s stock pile of weapons that they destroyed… affecting troops stationed in USA that never saw combat, that was forced to take the vaccines… but did not affect the local population!
    Military has better public relations this time around;

    DARPA took years to prepare for 2020, starting in 2013.

    Moderna was created for this purpose, and to make money.

    Shares of Moderna have soared in 2020, rising more than 200%.

    (FDA) on Thursday voted to recommend matching the composition of primary COVID-19 vaccines doses and booster doses, which would make all vaccines administered consist of the updated bivalent dose.
    All 21 members voting yes… are any of them doctors? Is there any that did not work previously for the pharmaceutical?
    That’s the same bivalent shot, given for a virus that is now extinct,(last year‘s cold) that’s causing strokes! Not tested on animals, just people… Mostly useless eaters. (On the news again tonight.)

    But why read news articles on DARPA when we can go to their own website for the same information. In fact they had a news release recently… Are they being remorseful of their actions and experimental projects that’s caused so many deaths? Rethinking their strategy to protect people from untested experiment gone wrong?
    “The plan is that this will then be implemented as a tool to predict vaccine duration of protection without waiting years for clinical trial results”

    “According to recent studies cited in Science Magazine, many vaccines — including those for flu, mumps and other diseases — may lose their effectiveness faster than official immunization recommendations suggest1. DARPA has selected teams of researchers to support the Assessing Immune Memory (AIM) program, which seeks to develop a research and evaluation tool that can predict early on whether a given vaccine candidate will provide long-lasting immune protection“

    Isn’t that wonderful? DARPA has developed a crystal ball that can predict that your vaccine has worn off or previous mumps infection antibodies are no longer enough!
    DARPA is now in the “vaccine business”, and business is booming! Long lasting immune protection… Forced on you “yearly” for grandma‘s protection. Fear-based society.

    We have yet to see the results of the RNA/DNA alterations on the human race… If you can still call us human.
    I’ve posted recently an article how DARPA took over the health agencies of Australia, and they’re not happy about it.

    Fauci rejected by DARPA. Contracted out to Wuhan gain of function research. (Congress passed a law in 2014 due to so many lab accidents… Averaging one a week… To stop virus experimentation in the United States). Lies under oath.

    So many more articles/documents to go through, it’s hard to choose what are the best ones. I’m sure you have more time than I do, I need to go to work soon. I hope the ones I picked are sufficient, I’ll check tomorrow to see what articles you post.

  • Corrin Strong

    Max. Please explain what you mean by the Nuremberg Treaty being revoked. Do you mean literally?

  • wayne

    “Hey Disney”
    Forgiato Blow (June 2022)

  • Cotour

    Related, its all related:


    R. Hunter Biden may in the end truly be a genius like so many other people who become addicted to drugs and live that crazy and in many cases insane out of control and on the edge lifestyle. His ultimate gambit? Being forgiven and pardoned by his own father?

    Hunter Biden dealer plugs his ‘unrelenting divinity’ after GOP sales record request (

    And of course, where Hunter is still to go based on the massive Congressional investigations that will take place that will I am certain reveal for all to see the Biden family, led by the “Big Guy”, and the questionable at the minimum and treasonous at the maximum selling of the Joe Biden Senate, vice president and presidential office. It is apparently a multi decades long family business model and tradition.

    The value of Hunters artwork can only appreciate in value for the many reasons aside its intrinsic subjective art world value. And I like some of it.

    Ah, the Chinese dragon may be the ultimate metaphor that truly represents everything that the Biden family operation is all about.

    Deliver America to the Democrat party machine / Globalist anti and un-American agenda much?,1024&quality=75&strip=all

  • Cotour

    Have a good laugh.

    My former Feminist / Liberal friend who has seen what needs to be seen and has become awakened to reality just sent this to me with a question mark, she does not know if this is serious;

    “The unvaccinated knew what we didn’t. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.”

    How precious. Satire? Mis or disinformation / psyops?

    I will look further into it.

  • Cotour

    A quick follow-up:

    To my friend: This may explain a bit more about what is going on here. It appears this came to you compliments of the Communist / Globalist CCP Chinese, WEF / U.N. that is how it reads to me anyway. Tailored to the ladies because that is who apparently is the real driver and the agent of “Globalist” change in the world. You ladies have been profiled and stereotyped in this IMO psyops lie.

    Feminine audiences deserve something better. It’s time to elevate the conversation. Hey there! �� IQfy is a lifestyle and social commentary imprint of the Sunshine Initiative. We design and publish storyful, smarter content to uplift feminine folks globally and elevate the conversation generally. Our Twitter also has the side mission of seeking out and signal boosting the smartest tweets on issues of the day.

    Much of our content (not all) is designed for feminine folks because we believe that transformative change is most easily achieved by supporting the global feminine majority, and that change-making must evolve to interface with the minutiae of life and culture (the everything is political rule but for philanthropy and activism). We’re staunchly non-partisan and have held every power under the sun to account at some point. We believe in judging every issue on its own merits and following the path of maximum good.

    What we are about
    Building global consciousness and emotional IQ through uplifted conversations.
    Believing that science is true, and that knowledge is power.
    Rejecting political categorizations, labels, and other vestments of infantile discourse.
    Disruption through creamy good writing that moves beyond author/reader power dynamics; writing that actually listens.
    Integrating smart global thinking into hip culture, and vice versa.
    No minutiae of life or culture are insignificant in the changemaker mindset. It matters.
    Celebrating nerds, and nerding out. (Come see our office.)
    Community. Shared experiences.
    Global values, locally.
    Customer care is audience care is customer care.
    Fact check true: corporate social responsibility is necessarily smarter business, more diverse business, and ultimately more productive business.
    Being messy is valid.

  • Cotour

    OR, its a double reverse:

    “Fake ‘Woke’ Site Dupes Conservatives Desperate To Prove The Left Has Lost It”

    That is the beauty of a psyops.

  • Star Bird

    Forcing people to get vaccinated should be a violation of Human Rights. Screw you UN Human Rights Phonies

  • Max

    Corrin Strong;
    Permanent premises of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the Netherlands. Human Rights Watch

    This Q&A addresses key questions regarding the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the relationship between the court and the United States

    2. Is the US a member of the ICC?

    The US is not a state party to the Rome Statute. The US participated in the negotiations that led to the creation of the court. However, in 1998 the US was one of only seven countries – along with China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar, and Yemen – that voted against the Rome Statute. US President Bill Clinton signed the Rome Statute in 2000 but did not submit the treaty to the Senate for ratification. In 2002, President George W. Bush effectively “unsigned” the treaty, sending a note to the United Nations secretary-general that the US no longer intended to ratify the treaty and that it did not have any obligations toward it. However, since then, US relations with the court have been complicated but often positive

    The Nuremberg code, one page.

    “Fact check” has a lot of excuses, they piss on you and tell you it’s raining. It’s OK to force vaccinations against your will because they’re tested and approved. After all, all 50 states require children to be vaccinated to go to school and they are too young for consent…
    It isn’t till the end of the article that they admit that the vaccines are under ”emergency use authorization” and have not been approved. Still classified as experimental. If you die from the experimental shot, insurance will not pay. That’s why every vaccination death is classified as died with Covid.

    Grady, 70, is a nurse and bioethicist who is the Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center.
    She literally wrote the book on bio ethics, allowing Fauci to experiment on children in New York orphanage. There’s a memorial there to the dead.

    Cotour, just for you.

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