Putin to revive the KGB

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The coming dark age: One day after Putin’s party won an easy election victory it has announced that they plan on reviving the secret security force known previously as the KGB.

“The KGB was one of the strongest special services in the world – everyone recognised this,” Sergei Goncharov, who served in Russia’s now disbanded Alpha counter-terror unit in the 1990s, told state media. Mr Goncharov also said the creation of the MGB would provide Russia with a “strong fist” overseen by a unified leadership.

Kremlin critics were horrified by the possible rebirth of an organisation synonymous in Russia with political oppression. “It’s time to get out [of the country],” wrote Elshad Babaev, a Twitter user. “Anyone who can should take the opportunity.”

Unlike the 20th century, however, the west can no longer be called “the free world”, as it was then. Instead, we are lumbering toward the same evils, and thus do not necessarily provide a safe haven for real political refugees that we were then. Instead, our bankrupt intellectual leadership has been rushing to bring in fifth columnists from the Middle East while leaving the real refugees there to suffer persecution by Islamic radicals.



  • A few years ago Obama openly called for a Federal police force “as well funded and armed as the military.” That’s how these people roll.

  • wayne

    Blair– well stated. (it sings!)

  • Alex

    I can understand Putin, if we consider how his country is attacked from outside. Who is blaming USA owning CIA?

  • Craig Beasley

    I have been telling people for years that Russia has been playing possum, and is following what Khrushchev said would occur. We have an open leftist in the Whitehouse now, more aligned with Marx then Madison, and in Russia after yet another “reform period” since around 1989 to present, the KGB is coming back. This is just the latest reform rolled back during this period. The nationalization of many of their industries, their media, etc., the KGB is merely an exclamation point.

  • Edward

    Alex wrote: “I can understand Putin, if we consider how his country is attacked from outside.

    I thought it was Russia that attacked the Crimea, not the other way around.

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