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Radical left calls for more violence

A wide range of leftist radical groups, most of which have been involved in the variety of violent attacks in the last year against conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters, are now calling for even more violence against anyone who opposes them.

Many of the same groups that have organized violent demonstrations in Berkeley, California and elsewhere are now calling for an aggressive response to the violence in Charlottesville. Far-left “anti-fascist” (or antifa) figures are advising agitators to do the job that police won’t: shutting down “fascists” and preventing them from organizing.

Radical left-wingers have for months justified violence as a way to fight back against “fascism” and “racism” — terms that they have applied not just to white nationalist fringe groups but to prominent figures on the right as well. “Charlottesville is just the beginning. If the alt-right can get away with murder there, none of us will be safe. We have to stand up to white supremacists, we have to shut down and chase out these bigots every time they try to organize, or else they will kill more people,” reads one poster created by anarchist group CrimethInc, a self-described “international network of aspiring revolutionaries.”

Read the whole article. If you have any doubts these are leftist groups, note that several condemn capitalism and democracy. Moreover, if you have read any history about the organizing tactics used by the Nazis in Germany, the Fascists in Italy, and the Communists in Russia and China, you will find the language and tactics here very familiar.


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  • Michael G.Gallagher

    The third chapter of my positively ancient doctoral dissertation is about nasty clowns like these. It deals with the role Mao Zeodong’s Red Guards had in crippling China’s university system and by extension, its then nascent tech sector.

  • LocalFluff

    The US has a possible salvation in its formidable police and military forces. Most western countries have nothing like it and have no option, even if the will to survive would miraculously occur, it is no longer physically possible to execute that will.

    You know me, I always advocate playing as unfair against the leftists and islamists as they play against us. You just need to kill the top 10,000 leftists in the US, and incarcerate a million more, to completely erase all leftism. 10,000 lives is nothing! Especially hateful, intolerant fascist doomsday mongering leftist lives. Get rid of them, solve the problem, save billions of lives from the leftists’ concentration camps and let humanity keep on developing on the free market that is required for us to do so.

    Freedom is good only for ideas which might have some kind of merit to them. Leftism is logically proven to be devastating and without any single exception all experience of course confirms what logic once and for all has told us. Leftists hate freedom and sabotages it by infiltrating it with their hate and violence. Using misdirected “tolerance” as their vermin spreader. Leftism is a sickness that only can be cured by amputation.

    Kill all leftists now!
    It is the only morally right thing to do. And as a bonus it is your only option unless you want to be killed by the leftists! Kill or be killed. They have chosen the game, now let’s use their rules.

  • LocalFluff: You reveal yourself to be no different than the leftist fascists I rail against almost daily. Nor are you different than any Islamic terrorists who wants to kill all infidels.

    I am quite willing to fight back hard to defend myself. However, unlike you I have no relish for the killing.

  • LocalFluff

    “unlike you I have no relish for the killing”
    Sad for you, because THEY DO!
    This is the name of the game we have to play. They chose the game, we hopefully choose to win it.

    We cannot survive if we give the enemy the advantage of us being polite against them. Let’s try out your scenario. That leads to deterioration, escalation and bloody civil war aiming at extermination. I have learned from history and realize that we must act preemptively and cut the head of the snake before it grows into a dragon. You will realize the same thing too one day, when their violence and poverty of the leftists and muslims have made you fed up too and finally, then too late, you agree with me.

    If we don’t want to kill, then we will not survive. God invented killing for a purpose. Killing leftists and islamists is the immune system of society.

    Or how do you, Robert, imagine that the leftists and the islamists will go away and leave productive human beings alone? The only examples of muslims retreating are the inquisition in Spain, the Balkan wars of the late 1800s leading to the wwI destruction of the caliphate, and the mass deportations in India 1948. All very bloody events. That’s the only demonstrated way to cure islam. Socialists just strangle their societies to death and make themselves irrelevant, their end is less dramatic. Amputation is not such a hard decision to make when one understands that the limb is already lost anyway and will kill the patient if kept on board.

  • LocalFluff

    10,000 deaths is nothing! 0.003% of the population. Even Stalin would say that it’s caught between a tragedy and the error bars of the statistics. And a million put in jail is very petite. Several millions are put in jail for smoking marijuana, hurting no one. These resources should instead be put to good use against the real enemy.

  • Dave

    LocalFluff. There is a glaring error in your line of thought. If you speak with a modern progressive. Let’s say you take a young idealistic Sanders voter. Someone who doesn’t even have the sense to see the harm if socialism and government redistribution. You will find that very often they have the kind heart and good motives for their political ideas. The problem is, of course, that those notions will absolutely be used by others to do horrible things. The movemnt will devolve into a nightmare. So when you talk about using their tactics to overcome their nightmare you set yourself and your movement up to be used by the exact same type of opportunistic forces which would then achieve precisely the same end.

  • LocalFluff

    When you sit down to play a game of chess, and your opponent hits your head with a hammer. Then you play f3? No. You answer in kind! The right move is: You choke’em with his own pawn saying: “Queen this in your toilette tomorrow!” (Chess is hard).

    That’s why I set the limits on 10,000 killed and 1,000,000 imprisoned. Because that’s enough. The rest understands and can live like real human beings.

    To treat as individuals those who do not consider themselves being individuals (e.g. socialists and muslims), fails hard immediately because of obvious mechanical errors in the assumptions. Do stones have human abilities and rights? Do arapes?

    Freedoms are only for us. It is not applicable to any stone, arab, tree or leftist that you can imagine. Let’s just get rid of that whole destructive shsh! That whole socialist/islam thing is just wasting our time. We as a society actually have important things to deal with instead. Bury the stoneagers and move forward.

  • Dave


    If I have heard you correctly you believe that the world is full of monsters. Monsters that strike first and win and monsters that do not and die. I reject this notion. I believe in maintaining my humanity and also winning. Your analogy involving chess and hammers is flawed. If you play chess and get hit by a hammer you are not actually playing chess, you are being violently attacked and should respond. These things don’t happen out of the blue and how we prepare and how we react are important. We, the civilized, have options.
    Your inclusion of arabs with non-human objects is dissappointing. It is the first step toward an ignorance of the type which not only allows nightmare regimes to prosper but actually gets in the way of attacking these larger problems in a fashion that brings both peace and freedom.

  • wayne

    “All adherents to Mass-movements are identical & interchangeable.”

    This Jason Kessler dude, used to be a hard core Obama supporter and was active in the occupy movement.

  • Joe

    The main stream media would have gone nuts if there had been some red hats w/MAGA on them, actually surprised some were not photoshopped in at the Charleston event.

  • wodun

    The white nationalists are horrible. Their ideology got its start by Democrats but were later abandoned. The Democrats kept up the identity politics but just changed the skin colors. This is why the white nationalists and the progressives have such similar views.

    Reading accounts of Charlottesville, we are told of all of the various white nationalist groups there but zero coverage of the cntrl-left groups there. ANTIFA, the Wobblies, and other socialist groups have a long history in the USA and internationally. That history is one of extensive violence.

    Look at the flags they were waving, they were USSR, ANTIFA, and other communist groups and countries.

    These groups have wide support in the Democrat party. Democrat politicians actually march with them. DeBlasio and Brown even went to Germany to speak to these groups.

    The media is trying to spin these leftist groups as being a response to Trump,, but their violent existence predates Trump. That article even tries to claim they are anti-authoritarian. Their communists!

    Looking at current events, the Democrat’s ANTIFA and Black Bloc groups started the violence. Then the people they attacked started adopting their tactics, like using shields, but then escalated with helmets and pads. And it has been tit for tat ever since.

    The only way to stop the violence is to prevent the Democrat’s storm trooper brigades from coming into contact with other people. What happened in Charlottesville would not have taken place if the Democrats had not shown up to do battle that day.

  • wodun

    Another thing. The Democrat’s say they are against NAZI and Fascists but they got a parade cancelled in Portland because it was going to have local GOP in it. These people want to attack anyone who isn’t a communist, and even then, they will have no problems going after different communist groups.

  • BSJ

    Joe you weren’t looking hard enough if you didn’t see MAGA hats.

    And no, I don’t frequent DU sites. A ‘MAGA hats at Charlottesville’ image search pops up plenty of images.

    Can somebody explain why the anti-left-wing fascism white nationalists use the Swastika and Fasces as their standard?

    Also, is White Nationalist the new PC term for White Supremacist and or Arian Nation?

    The Orwellian double speak is getting hard to decipher…

  • BSJ: I pay no attention to all these name changes. A bigot is a bigot. If you rank people not by what they do, as individuals, but by their race or religion, then you are a bigot.

    The problem we have is that there are a lot of bigots out there. For some reason, the press and the political culture is willing to give a pass to the bigots on the left.

  • BSJ

    I wholeheartedly agree with your definition of a bigot.

    I truly want to hear the reasoning for all the fascist symbology in the name of anti-fascism. Are they truly that ignorant of the history, or is there something else going on?

    Is the swastika really a reasonable counter argument to a biased press? Rhetorical question…

  • BSJ: The fascists here, from both the left and the right, are simply totally ignorant of history. They really do not know the meaning of the symbols they use.

  • BSJ

    I wholeheartedly agree with your definition of a bigot.

    I truly want to hear the reasoning for all the fascist symbology in the name of anti-fascism. Are they truly that ignorant of the history, or is there something else going on?

    Is the swastika really a reasonable counter argument to a biased press? Rhetorical question…

    adding stuff so that it won’t say I’m double posting…..gfgfggtttrr

  • Cotour

    ” For some reason, the press and the political culture is willing to give a pass to the bigots on the left.”

    The Leftist movement of today, driven by the young people that inhabit it and have been trained / indoctrinated into it, have been trained that America is fundamentally founded upon criminal acts and so therefore the logic follows that America is fraudulent and therefore it must be destroyed from within and recast in their “More Better” socialist model. That is really the basic justification that all these anarchists and Leftist operatives operate upon. They are a type of person that is very subjective and feel they are more righteous than others. There must be submission instead of mutual respect for others.

    This is where the symbolism of the statues, Jefferson, Washington, slave owners etc., criminals all, is used as astrategic lever in the public conversation. And those issues will never be put to bed they will always be used, our history has no solution other than destroying, denying it and recasting the mistake in the “more better” model. Like these socialist individuals know anything about building a country and its operating system.

    This would include operatives like the students of the sixties radicals like Obama, everything that Obama ever said as president was IMO undergirded by this fundamental thinking.

    This is core thinking of a type of person which is reinforced by a moral model that from their point of view is “superior”. Nothing worse than someone who believes that their morality is superior to your own, you can never convince them of much of anything, never mind their political point of view. The only hope is that these kinds of people (Talk about classifying or “ranking” people) are out numbered by more reasonable individuals in the country. And I do believe that there are many more reasonable people in the country. The challenge is properly communicating with them.

    And THAT is what the last presidential election was all about. The, IMO, more reasonable Americans were very hungry for something other than the counter intuitive political blather that they were fed for the previous eight years. How long can an American be lectured on how bad they and their country was and is? That is exactly what Obama’s message was, we all heard it, and that “America is fraudulent” thinking is planted firmly at the foundation of the lefts thinking.

    I say get over it and move into the future in a positive manner, but that will never do.

  • Edward

    BSJ asked: “Can somebody explain why the anti-left-wing fascism white nationalists use the Swastika and Fasces as their standard?

    Because they are not anti-left-wing; they are left wing, just like the NAZIs, fascists, White Supremacists, and Aryan Nationalists. These symbols come naturally to them, as they can identify with those who used them previously.

  • wodun

    The ANTIFA types know their history. They like it. When challenged on the horror of it, they will say it wasn’t real communism or the wrong person was in charge or maybe even the horror was what was needed. Claiming to be anti-fascist is just a front to excuse the violence they direct against anyone who stands in their way of communist revolution.

    Out of all of the coverage of white nationalists over the years, I have never seen an examination of their actual political ideology. The coverage is always on their racism. What makes them right wing? The NAZI were leftists after all. If the only thing that puts them on the “right” is racism, it isn’t a good categorization because racism itself isn’t left or right.

    The best retort to a white nationalist that claims white people did all these great things, “Yes, they did but you aren’t one of those white people doing great things. You are just glomming onto the excellence of others trying to steal their glory.”

  • wayne

    The decline to anarchy begins:

    “Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery”

  • Cotour

    The over arching problem with this pastors thinking and all the other people that are on board with him is elementary. The Founders of America, predominantly white males all, some who were slave owners in their day, constructed a document of governance that included within it irrefutable thinking and concepts that were in direct opposition to their own self interests and the self interests of their progeny related to slavery.

    What do I mean by that? The white founders of America, who lived in their day and who owned slaves wrote a document that they understood in time would end their own wealth engine. Why? Because they understood as evidenced by their work product that it was immoral and wrong. (What a concept, government having and enshrining detectable irifuatble morality)

    These arguments of rehashing and attempting to rewrite, erase or deny our history is pointless, unless you are a political operative who is intent on using the subject as a political weapon to where this history can never be reconciled. There is no reconciliation of these facts, facts are facts.

    If you want to focus on this subject in the literal terms that they are being focused on by one side then you must travel back through history and discover who were the first humans to enslave another human being. And when you follow that time line you are delivered to Africa and Africans “owning” Africans. It can also be argued as a fact that the Europeans who bought slaves from these Africans who actively practiced slavery and supplied slaves to the European / American market are equally guilty, if guilt is really being looked for.

    And then you must look at a Civil war that was fought primarily by white males, that was fought related to states rights IN OPPOSING CONTINUING SLAVERY. Six hundred thousand white American males plus (600,000+) shed their blood and died in pursuit of fulfilling the Founders instructions.

    And then you must ask yourself : Who ended the practice of slavery? America and the Constitution and the Founders who designed it to do so.

    What we are all witnessing today in America is the fulfilling of the leftist argument that America is fundamentally founded in corruption and criminal acts. But here we are, 600,000 dead to end what must have been ended by the white people who invented America, and just one year after our first two term BLACK president and no one can see any progress?

    And make no mistake, I am not offering that racism of all sorts by all kinds of people does not exist in America through out its history or even today, not at all. By design and through battle we move into the future.

    I will stop here but I have so much more.

  • Edward

    wodun asked: “What makes them right wing?

    Nothing. They have been declared to be right wing by the news media, but that is just to make the right look bad, because the history shows that racism is a left wing value, but after the right wing showed that racism is bad, the left realized that they had to change the perception of the left as being non-racist.

    It was the Democrats who insisted upon segregation and the “separate but equal” concept. As we see, the left has once again made segregation to be seen as a virtue, but this time they have made it a self-segregation campaign, where targeted minorities demand separation from everyone else, believing it to be a virtue rather than a vice.
    Before they even arrived on campus in August or September, they had self-segregated as much as possible.

    By self-segregating on campus, students undermine their own potential while also helping fragment the diversity of the broader social fabric.” This could explain why Google fired someone for pointing out that the differences between men and women is what diversity is all about. Self segregation has arrived at a level in which it is seen as the right thing to do to segregate away the guy who says the “wrong thing” about diversity.

    wodun wrote: “When challenged on the horror of it, they will say it wasn’t real communism or the wrong person was in charge or maybe even the horror was what was needed. Claiming to be anti-fascist is just a front to excuse the violence they direct against anyone who stands in their way of communist revolution.

    Violence is a tried and true fascist tactic. It worked wonders for the NAZI Party. It provides that horror that is needed in order to create a government that the people do not really want, such as centrally controlled communism, Marxism, socialism, or fascism.

    The reason for the excuse of “the wrong person was in charge” is that these governance systems do not work; countries and locations that have used them have not prospered. If it takes “the right person” to make it work, then it is not the system that works but it is the person — the hypothetical right person — that makes it work. That is one of the major differences between these central-control systems and the distributed-controlled free-market capitalist system.

    Free-market capitalism does not require a “right person” to make it work. This system responds to the needs and desires of the population, and they need and desire prosperity for themselves and their Posterity, to paraphrase the US Constitution’s Preamble. This response to needs and desires is why all the countries that have used it have prospered. Even communist China and India (once heavily centrally-controlled) have begun to prosper in recent decades; they experimented with free markets and capitalism and began seeing some prosperity.

    The United States has been turning more centrally controlled, and for the first time since colonists came to this continent, we no longer believe that the children will be able to live better than the parents have.

  • BSJ

    The fact that these guys were there to “Unite the Right” belies the statements that they don’t see themselves as right wing.

    In fact, you might get a club to the head if you told them they were lefties, to their faces…

  • BSJ

    well lookie here “VANGUARD AMERICA: We are fascists, and use the term American Fascists to describe ourselves. We use fascist imagery because we are fascists, and adhere to the doctrine.” ”

    I’m behind on my reading, been on the road for two days driving to view the eclipse…

  • wayne

    -good stuff.

    Hope the weather is clear for you!

  • Cotour

    Why the tears?

    This is a Neo NAZI operative.

    If you have plainly let it be known that you are armed and willing to “Kill if you have to”, then a person would assume that a person who made these statements would have faced themselves and would have accepted the fact that you might well be killed at some point in your protests. Why the tears?

    All zealots, all extremist positions, either Left or Right are, well…………….EXTREMIST!

  • wodun

    @ Edward

    Nothing. They have been declared to be right wing by the news media, but that is just to make the right look bad, because the history shows that racism is a left wing value

    Racism isn’t left or right though. Anyone can be a racist. Aside from the racism, what is their political philosophy?

    Some of these white nationalists are smart but manipulative. I think their leaders enjoy the power over others. However, I think a lot of them are stupid enough to listen to the media and believe they are right wing just because that is what they were told.

    BSJ provides an article about one of the groups being explicitly fascist, which does put them firmly on the authoritarian left.

    I am not sure how they label themselves or get labeled by others as right wing since what little I know of their actual political philosophy is antithetical to conservatism.

  • Edward

    wodun asked: “Racism isn’t left or right though. Anyone can be a racist. Aside from the racism, what is their political philosophy?

    It may not be strictly right or left, but the left — at the very least — uses racism as a tool. The Democrats in the KKK were most definitely racist. The NAZIs were probably racist, although they may have just been using Jews as a scapegoat for Germany’s ills. Modern American Democrats and their media propaganda arm are subtly racist as they use an implied inability of blacks to make it on their own to justify treating blacks as inferior, thus perpetuating the misconception.

    The right, however, believes that all races are capable of great things, if they are not discouraged from trying.

    Your original comment was about the “coverage of white nationalists over the years.” Your main problem is that you assume that “white nationalists” are a specific group, but in reality it is a catchall term for any group that the news media can successfully portray as white that the media also wishes to make look bad, as though they were the KKK. An example is when a Hispanic is involved with the death of a black, the Hispanic turns into a White Hispanic in the news reports; thus he becomes eligible to be lumped into the group called white nationalists, or even white supremacists.

    What is the “white nationalist” political philosophy? Anything that the news media disagrees with that can be pinned on a group or a person that they don’t like.

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