Religion banned in shopping mall

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Fascism in America: A shopping mall in Georgia has outlawed all prayer, even for those about to eat in their food court.


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  • Steve C

    A business banning its customers from praying?! In GEORGIA?!!! Why don’t they just close their doors now and go home cause they are DONE!

  • lcdlover

    Hi. So what? Good actually. Sorry, people who ostentatiously pray in public make me sick. Our country was founded on Judeo/Christian VALUES and I am fine with that I love that but there is also supposed to be a secular atmosphere more or less and I don’t want to see snake-handling or prayer meeting or Baptist revival AND I AM REALLY TIRED of seeing Islamic this and that and how they’re demands for accommodation of their religious quirks are being met. I am sure there is more to the story and I bet (and hope) the stricture was put in place because of Muslims though, and they got complaints, and reasoned that they should ban all prayer, in order not to favor one religion over another. Heaven for fend. I put partial blame for our current problem with jurisdictions and companies bending over backwards to mollycoddle the medieval Mohammedan mind squarely on the Bible beating prayer-in-school Christian crowd ‘cos if you leave the garage gate agape for one gaudy Godly gang you’re gonna get two more feeling they have been picked on. Next thing you know Hare Krishnas and the like will be driving costumers who only wish to shop to other malls.

    Anyway they cannot ban all prayer just showy displays of religiosity (which are of roughly two types, phonies who wish to push their thing on others, or mentally sick folks who can’t help it – the religion has gotten the better of them). Either way, I am sure a quiet grace or a quick “God bless” will not be impeded, and of course silent prayer will not be constrained, unless the prayer patrol has a mind-reading machine.

    You want our great land to head in the direction this vid depicts? I don’t.

  • Hypothesis: If a Muslim rolled out a prayer rug, no one would say Jack. It would all be about ‘inclusiveness”.

  • lcdlover

    Hi How long does it usually take for a submitted comment to show up?

  • lcdlover

    Hi okay right away evidently my comment (the one missing, not the above one obviously) violated some stricture, perhaps too strongly worded or maybe it was due to including a link. It would be ironic if the writer of a post decrying (well not overtly but by the way it was offered; perhaps I am mistaken) suppression of the freedom of speech due to religious content excised or refused to put up comments due to their religious content, or rather, content regarding religion.

    Update – I see also that I somehow had overlooked the link to the original story which may give some clue if I misconstrued the whole thing i will read it later. Still I don’t think the first comment was THAT bad; also my style is shoot-from-the-hip I just like it that way it gives me an excuse to walk my comments back or say I spoke to fast or simply say I am sorry.

    I would appreciate a quickie feedback/explanation anyway what i did wrong if someone has the time, e-mail or online; either way (reply or no) you all have a wonderful blog and I love Bob on the Batchelor show, particularly on climate alarmism and private space. Thank you

  • For some reason your comment was interpreted as spam. I have now approved it.

    In general, I want every comment approved. The only comments that get blocked or banned on this website are the rude ones. If you are thoughtful and intelligent and don’t insult people, your comments will be welcome, whether I agree with them or not.

  • Edward

    “Either way, I am sure a quiet grace or a quick “God bless” will not be impeded, and of course silent prayer will not be constrained, unless the prayer patrol has a mind-reading machine.”

    I think that you missed the point. Being unable to stop someone from performing a surprise (or sneak) prayer does not mean that the policy is not there, just that it can be difficult to enforce, in some cases.

    The point is that people are being prevented from performing their religion prior to a meal. (Yes, it is *their* mall to do as they please, but complaining about the policy is also in order.) Such an act may make you sick, but that is the practice of many religions, born in the days when there weren’t a week’s worth of food in the refrigerator and another month’s worth in the pantry. Or when there weren’t food courts stocked with food for a mall’s worth of shoppers.

    The First Amendment exists specifically because of attitudes of intolerance, that want to prevent speech or behavior that some find offensive (subjective and difficult to avoid). Otherwise, we would have to run around agreeing with each other all the time, and we would not be able to hold this discussion.

    Maybe we *should* be thanking God for all that bounty (food *and* freedom), as it does not yet exist in all of the world, and there is no guarantee that it will continue to exist, if natural disaster or poor governance happens.

    As for me, I will continue to stop eating and remain silent while the family next to me at the food court or Chic fil-A say their prayers, no matter their religion. I recommend that you respect their rights and religion, too.

  • Rob

    Look at which corporate propaganda organization reported this; Fox News.

    So I’ll have to begin with, I don’t believe this at all. They’ve been proven to be wrong or twisting the facts so many times in so many ways that it’s prudent to start with “They are trying to make me believe a lie..”. Of course that’s no different with the other corporate news monkeys… MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, NY Times, Washington Post…. there are less then six corporations that own over 95% of all the “News” (a.k.a. propaganda spew) in this country.

    It’s all made to divide us and doing a damn good job.

    –Political Athiest…

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