Resistance to a new gun control law in New York appears to be rising.

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Resistance to a new gun control law in New York appears to be rising.

This is what happens when you make the normal activity of ordinary citizens illegal. You breed contempt for the law, which in turn make it even less effective in doing what it is supposed to do.


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  • Pzatchok

    As good commander never issues an order that he knows will be ignored or violated.

    For one it ruins his sense of authority among those he is leading. They loose respect for him.

    If the governor knew that the people would ignore this order why would he pass it anyways? That’s just asking for an escalation of trouble and lawlessness.

    Unless he wants that escalation in order to implement the next step in his plan. Confiscation. If the police refuse to enforce the law he would then have a reason to call out the national guard.

    Everyone around the world is watching this play out. This is the first liberal test to see if they have a chance of doing it nationally. If they only get close they learn what to do the next time they think they can make a try.

    The rest of us must watch and learn.

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