Russia schedules first Vostochny launch

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The competition heats up: Roscosmos has scheduled April 27 as the date for the first launch from its new spaceport in Vostochny.

I do wish them luck. I don’t think the Russians will be very successful at competing in the new private launch industry that is beginning to emerge, centered as they are on Soviet-style, top-down, giant government-run organizations, but I still hope they succeed at whatever they attempt in space. As far as I am concerned, the more the merrier.


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  • Alexey

    They do distribute profit from top to bottom, as in some US companies. Average salary of engineer in Moscow 100,000 ₽, it’s about $1,500 a month. Well qualified tech 3/4 of this. As further your are from Moscow as lower salary. Sanctions were painful in the beginning. Now small companies supplied sanctioned blocks, by the systems made from discrete components. Majority of Rad-Hard semiconductors replaced by the hybrid modules. Situation is not as bad as you are painting.

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