Senate Democrats consider boycotting Israeli leader’s speech

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Whose side are they on? When polled, almost no Democratic senator would commit to attending Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s joint speech to Congress in March.

Essentially, these partisan hacks are telling us that they are willing to put their party ahead of the nation and the threat from Islam. I think every liberal Jew who has voted with knee-jerk regularity for Democratic politicians should read this very closely and open their eyes.


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  • Cotour

    Let them, they support the president, why should they attend? let them all tell the world that Israel can go straight to hell, just like the president.

    Lets all wait for this leader of nations to reveal his “secret” negotiations with Iran. Lets see, Iran will be getting everything and anything they desire for “promising” not to blow Israel up when they achieve nuclear weapons grade. Thats how he works it, he will long gone from office before the true effects of his activities will be revealed.

  • D.K. Williams

    Interesting dilemma for the Dems. Attend and incur the wrath of Dear Leader or stay away and alienate some of their constituents. Wish I could attend.

  • Pzatchok

    If they boycott his speech its just because it fits with their idiotic theory that “they” hate the US just because we support Israel.

    They forget that most of the middle east was allied with Germany in WWII. Just because they to hated Jews.
    They forget that even before WWII Arabs were systematically attacking Jews all across the Middle east including Egypt. The Brits tried to stop it in many ways but even they couldn’t find a way to keep everyone happy and not at the throats of the Jews. And for this the Brits became hated also.

    And they hate the Us because we finished the Brits work in establishing Israel.

    Plus we are not a Muslim nation under Sharia law.

    But the left has a theory and they will put it to the test no matter what the possible consequences are if it fails.

  • Publius 2

    Benjamin Netanyahu is nearly peerless in terms of being a courageous world leader, while Barack Hussein Obama ranks near the bottom. If the Democrats wish to ally themselves with Obama, let them. The electorate will not forget whose side they were on at this juncture in history. So many Republicans seem feckless and cowardly these days. But the Democrats are arrogant and corrupt. History’s clock is ticking, and not to their advantage.

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