Senate kills Boehner debt ceiling plan

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That didn’t take long: The Senate has killed the Boehner debt ceiling plan that passed the House.

What the Democrats are missing in all this is that if no debt limit extension is passed, it is their beloved programs that will be hurt the most. The Republicans have more or less always preferred limiting government, so imposing the debt ceiling will only serve their purposes.

Thus, it is the Democrats who need the debt ceiling extended more than anyone. That they seem unwilling to agree to any deal or even propose one of their own seems the height of stupidity. Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face!



  • Dickelo

    I suspect the Dems are counting on media bias to paint the Republicans as the only intransigent body, hoping public pressure will force them to ‘cave’. As if every Democrat position on every aspect of this debt issue is automatically correct, logical, well thought out, and naturally proper. I’m not so sure the American public is really stupid enough to fall for that scam, though.

  • larry

    Wow Americas were stupid enough to vote for these all these idiots. It must be great that you can speak for American pulbic.

    Simply put, the deal was crap. so tired of we offer a crappy deal and they didn’t take it boo hoo.
    To bad none of these deals dealt with nothing but fuck the US.

    There has been deals on the table – they aren’t great. But truthfully, the glee i see on this site for chaos and blaming other is amazing.

    I look forward to the day we can get skynet online – humor folks.

    Truthfully, I think John Cleese nailed it.

  • why I have quit voting – not one leader in either party – in fact most are completely crazy – no ideas and dumba$$ voters who keep sending the same losers to DC year after year.

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