SpaceX pushes back its manned flights

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The first launch dates for SpaceX’s manned Dragon capsule have apparently been rescheduled, with the new dates August 2018 for the first unmanned demo flight and December 2018 for the first manned flight.

This is a four month delay from the previous announced dates of April and August.

Hat tip to reader Kirk Hilliard.



  • ken anthony

    It is so funny that the BFR is set to replace the Dragon before the crew Dragon even flies. SpaceX would not be able to make their own products obsolete if the rest of the industry could compete. If the development of the BFR goes without any major hitch SpaceX will own the industry.

  • Diane Wilson

    “If the development of the BFR goes without any major hitch”

    There is a corollary to Murphy’s law which says that if nothing goes wrong, it would ultimately have been better if something had gone wrong.

  • mkent

    For those who didn’t follow the link, the current dates are:

    Targeted Test Flight Dates:
    Boeing Orbital Flight Test (uncrewed): August 2018
    Boeing Crew Flight Test (crewed): November 2018
    SpaceX Demonstration Mission 1 (uncrewed): August 2018
    SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2 (crewed): December 2018

    Which means that, as of this update, Boeing will capture the flag. Expect more delays from both, though.

  • wodun

    BFR seems straight forward but BFS much more complex.

    I hope Boeing and SpaceX both do well but this isn’t much of a race. NASA is dictating a lot of the schedule. It would have been cool if NASA had just said OK, GO!

    It looks fairly likely that any more delays could push manned flights into 2019. But who knows, they do have a large gap between launches to make corrections.

  • Doug

    NASA does not want SpaceX to capture the flag. They will do everything they can to delay them.

    Congress has been told by NASA that commercial crew means Boeing.

  • ken anthony

    It really doesn’t matter if crew Dragon ever flies. BFR will be cheaper than F9 alone. Add Dragon to F9 and you’ve doubled the cost with less capability. Crew Dragon is now a complete dead end. Remember the F5?

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