Study predicts one meter sea level rise by 2010

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Wanna bet? A new study predicts the sea will rise by one meter by 2100.

How they come up with this number is a mystery to me, as every study I have read, including every IPCC report, says the sea has been rising about 1 to 2 millimeters per year for the last few centuries. At this rate, it will take between five hundred and a thousand years to get a rise of one meter.



  • Yes.. 5cm by 2100 is considered a pessimistic view of sea rise, 50cm is considered ludicrous by the IPCC. Sea level rise is one of those topics I try to slip into the conversation to see if I’m talking to a global warming nut. If they start talking about people being displaced by sea level rises or NYC being abandoned then I know there’s no point continuing a conversation with them.

    BTW, a 1m sea rise wouldn’t even get anyone’s feet wet in NYC, so even if you believe this stupidity you’re still going to fail to get anyone screaming for carbon taxes in that state.

  • Kelly Starks

    I saw a BBC article where a researcher wen’t to micronesia or someplace Gore said would go underwater. They found the water levels had droped a foot or so.


  • Kelly Starks

    Maldives not Micronesia.

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