Ted Cruz, Sitting Pretty

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Link here. The author makes a strong case for Cruz’s smart strategic positioning during the campaign, as I have. Right now, should the other outsiders Trump or Carson or Fiorina falter, Cruz is in exactly the right place to pick up their supporters. Moreover, unlike the others he has been very carefully building support within the organizational base of the Republican Party, which has been as disgusted with its leadership as the voters have been.

A lot can happen in the next year, but I must say that I continue to be impressed with Cruz’s campaign work.

I say this not as a partisan Republican advocate. I do not trust any of these politicians, including Cruz. They want power, which makes me always suspicious of everything they do. However, I as a voter have to try to pick the best candidate who can also win the election. Cruz’s politics since his election in 2012 have been right on the money, while his smart strategy in the campaign speaks well for him as a candidate.

Best of all, imagine him debating Hillary Clinton in the main election. His calm but intelligent thoughtful debating style will eat her alive!



  • cotour

    I totally agree, If Trump should survive Cruz is a viable vice presidential candidate and if the few current front runners falter he is the next reasonable choice and in addition he sets himself up for future runs being so young.

    His almost religious understanding of the Constitution makes him a very interesting character to me and what seems plain to me is that the Constitution is under an active assault to the point that it is being targeted to be made over time irrelevant or to not exist at all. That is the kind of threat the Constitution is to the powers that be in the world in the larger sense IMO.

    Level America, eliminate or make irrelevant the Constitution and blend the peoples of the world to where there are no borders and no religion (except Islam anyway). That seems to be the general direction / plan anyway.

  • Thunderbunny

    I fully agree. I have been keeping my eye on Ted Cruz and have a feeling he shouldn’t be counted out.

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