The defense strategy of Democratic party officials under arrest for voter fraud: “Voter fraud is an accepted way of winning elections.”

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The defense strategy of Democratic party officials under arrest for voter fraud: “Voter fraud is an accepted way of winning elections.”



  • Kelly Starks

    Whats the Term – Hutzba?


  • Chris Kirkendall

    Yep, that’s “Chutzpah” all right – the best example is the man who kills his own father & mother & then throws himself on the mercy of the Court, because he’s an orphan. Has anyone ever notioced that the most dishonest people always accuse others of doing what they’re doing? I knew a kid in school who routinely cheated on tests & insisted everyone else was cheating too, so he wasn’t doing anything wrong ! !

  • Kelly Starks

    We seriously must upgrade the reliability, and SECURITY, of our voting processes!

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Absolutely right, Kelly ! !f we can’t trust the integrity & accuracy of election results, how will we ever know We the People have been fairly represented? This is especially true in states with a lot of Electoral Votes up for grabs & where the contest is close – the potential & temptation to cheat is just too great to ignore.

    In a related example, I live in the Chicago area, well-known for ballot tampering, dead voters, etc., so I know the importance of making sure everyone casting a “vote” is a real person, with a real address, within the district, and ALIVE ! ! And since I can ever remember, in every close election, all the downstate & suburban (collar counties) votes would be in (99% or more), but certain wards in the city of Chicago would not have reported their results. The Republican candidate would be ahead by some 10s of thousands (or even 100s of 1,000s) of votes, but at the last minute, these unbelievable vote totals from certain wards would come in & put the Dem just barely over the top. It wasn’t too hard to figure out they were holding back their vote totals till they saw all the votes from GOP-leaning districts & could figure out how many “votes” they needed to “generate” to overvcome the lead. It happened every time – what a joke…

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