“The fact that global surface temperatures have not followed the expected global warming pattern is now widely accepted.”

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The uncertainty of science: “The fact that global surface temperatures have not followed the expected global warming pattern is now widely accepted.”

This quote above refers to scientists in the climate field, who are now admitting that for the past 20 years the climate has shown no warming, despite the continuing increase in CO2 in the atmosphere and their computer models that all predicted increased temperatures because of that CO2.



  • wodun

    So, in another 10-15 years the media and alarmist agitators might get that message.

  • JGL

    I am not one who believes, from what evidence I can see, that CO2 drives surface temperatures as is promoted by the Cap and Trade, tax the world to fund the U.N. crowd but I will ask a question here about something called Geo Engineering also referred to as Chem Trails. If you are not aware of them look at the differences from day to day and compare a “normal” con trail from a high flying jet which disperses in a few minutes and con trails that hang in the atmosphere for hours, upon hours, upon hours.

    My following question may seem paradoxical related to what I just wrote but there does seem to be a program of some kind of active atmospheric manipulation being undertaken and that does not happen for no reason. In addition I think the discussion should be about pollution as a whole not just a quantifiable compound like CO2 which can be taxed. We are all ecologists or should be.

    Q: Is this Geo Engineering an attempt at moderating surface temperature in order to continue the use of oil based fuels to produce energy in order to lengthen the life and therefore the power structure of oil and the people who control/own oil as that source of energy?

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