The House Republicans plan to offer separate funding bills to the Democrats in an effort to get parts of the government back in operation.

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The House Republicans plan to offer separate funding bills to the Democrats in an effort to get parts of the government back in operation.

This is about the fifth proposal the Republicans have offered to fund the government, all of which have been rejected by the Democrats without even the courtesy of polite conversation. And it appears that the Democrats are already saying they will reject these bills as well.



  • R. Cotour

    Obama and the Dems have a logic problem and may strategically suffer due to it. They are appearing to be unreasonable in not participating in the incremental funding of the government as they are being offered by the Republicans. They may in time be perceived as not being cooperative and choosing to have government shut down. I think if the republicans play it correctly and stick together they may well prevail.

  • Pzatchok

    As long as the republicans stay in Washington and keep making offers everyday they will win.

    Give it about 2 weeks of the dems turning them down and the people will give the republicans exactly what they gave them the last time a shutdown occurred.

    Landslide victories in the next elections.

    As the people realize they are not getting free healthcare as promised they will turn on the Dems and start crying for a fix. This Obama care does not offer anymore free healthcare to anyone but the very poor. And 90% of them voted for the Dems anyways.
    The rest of the middle class and those who already got work provided healthcare will get nothing but higher bills. And they will either demand lower premiums and lower copays or move Republican in the next election.

    The dems have painted themselves into a corner and are praying that the MSM can cut them a hole in the wall to crawl out of. As soon as one MSM says the word compromise to a Dem the game is over and they will fold.

  • Publius 2

    Agree on both counts, and I would add something else. Whenever someone deems to call the Republicans obstructionist or responsible for the government shutdown, ask them to show any resolution the House Republicans have passed to shut down the government. Every single measure that has emerged from the House on this issue has been, with the exception of Obamacare, to fund the government. I also agree with the assertions some of the GOP members have been making, that this president is willing to meet with and call Iranian President Rouhani. He is willing to meet with Soviet Premier Putin, and he will even negotiate with Assad. But his own countrymen and women he considers unworthy of such behavior.

  • R. Cotour

    This is off subject but is part of the over all unspoken liberal agenda being pushed and enforced through fear and intimidation, it has to do with the IRS being used again as a political weapon:

    “Dr. Ben Carson reportedly had his “first encounter with the IRS” after his viral speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in February, the accomplished neurosurgeon revealed at a Monday night event with business leaders and elected officials in Alabama.

    While Carson stopped short of accusing the IRS of targeting him because he openly criticized policies implemented by President Barack Obama or due to his outspoken conservative views, he did note that the tax agency’s visit wasn’t very surprising.”

  • Chris Kirkendall

    I heard about Dr. Carson’s little encounter with the IRS – if anyone thinks this is just a “coincidence”, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya…

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