The largest new impact crater ever found on Mars.

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The largest new impact crater ever found on Mars.

The impact was caused by an asteroid estimated to be less then 20 feet across, and occurred sometime between March 27 and March 28, 2012.


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  • Pzatchok

    My gosh!
    Do you mean that there are still asteroids hitting Mars?
    If we go by NASA standards for safety this could mean any chance of a permanently manned Mars colony is out of the question.
    NASA will see no reason to send people to a place that is just as, if not more dangerous than the Earth we already live on.
    We will first have to create a meteor defense shield over the whole of Mars just to make it safe enough for people to live on.
    This could cost trillions and take 50 years to design, construct and launch. Obviously we would need an even larger heavy lift rocket than SLS so we need to start work on that right now. Of course we would keep the SLS going the whole time.
    This could be our chance to create a totally environmentally neutral launcher system. Something very eco friendly. Maybe balloons pulled by dragons.

    Sorry just had to get that out of my system.

    Finding the crater is a nifty discovery. It could give them a very very good reference to gauge weathering and erosion of surface features over time.
    We have always had a problem with that because we were always guessing at the start time for a surface feature. No we know almost exactly the day.

    It would have been even better to actually see it happen but what are the chances of that?

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