The meteoric rise in Texas oil production since 2010.

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The meteoric rise in Texas oil production since 2010.

Amazingly, oil production in the Lone Star State has more than doubled in less than three years, from 1.142 million bpd in July 2010 to 2.295 million bpd in February 2013, which has to be one of the most significant increases in oil output ever recorded in the history of the US over such a short period of time. A million bpd increase in oil output in less than three years in one state is remarkable, and would have never been possible without the revolutionary drilling techniques that just recently started accessing vast oceans of Texas shale oil.

The article does not going into any detail about why this boom suddenly started in 2010. They indicate that it is linked to the development of new drilling techniques, but I’d like to know more.


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  • Rene Borbon

    Some great news. I wonder how North Dakota’s Bakken is doing – I hear that the economy out there is bustling. American engineering ingenuity providing jobs and decreasing our dependence on Arab oil. Imagine if we could do more of this in other parts of the US and Canada. North America could become energy independent by 2020 or soon thereafter.

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