The Obama administration is now insisting that the proper term for climate change is “carbon pollution.”

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If it ain’t working then the solution is to change the name! The Obama administration is now insisting that the proper term for climate change is “carbon pollution.”

First it was “global warming.” Then it was “climate change.” Then it was “global climate disruption.” Now, “carbon pollution,” which is the most ridiculous term of all, since all life on the planet is made from carbon. Moreover, all animal life exhales carbon dioxide, which means (assuming the “carbon” in this silly term refers to CO2) we are therefore all polluters. Off with our heads! And the plant life that we all depend on breathes carbon dioxide and could not exist without it.



  • Edward

    The president needs to be careful about what he means by “carbon pollution.” If it only applies to CO2, he needs to specify that it does not apply to other carbon based molecules, because all Earth life is based upon carbon molecules. All plants and animals could inadvertently become considered “pollution” and have to be cleaned up from the face of the planet.

    Talk about a superfund site…

  • R. Cotour

    That is not exactly accurate, first it was “anthropomorphic global warming”, a direct human causation, specifically due to the human use of hydrocarbons and the associated liberated CO2 was tied to the warming of the earths atmosphere. Then it was dialed down to a more generalized term “global warming”, because the interested party’s could not really correlate the effects scientifically. Then it was re generalized to just plain old “climate change”. That is a more accurate progression of the conversation / propaganda.

    Now the progression goes to the term “carbon pollution”, which IMO is a more accurate term related to the effects that humans have on the atmosphere and the oceans. The honest conversation should be about pollution in general and improving and developing technology without the fear factor and the agenda. But we understand that there are no honest conversations, truth lies only in mathematics and physics and not in the words of man.

  • R. Cotour

    “climate change”.

    I laugh when I hear people citing “climate change”. It is the nature of the climate to change, the climate could not not change. A ridiculous term. Climate change defines the atmosphere.

    The scientific problem is quantifying the degree of effect of human activity on the atmosphere, a hugely varied, complex and difficult task.

  • It’s really quite simple. If only all life ceased to be, the Earth could get on with the business of living. I’ll continue to drive a car with a powerful, consumptive engine, keep my home warm in the winter courtesy of blessed oil and fly to Europe or Asia or any other far flung destination I so desire, thank you, all the while reveling in the size of my carbon footprint.

  • joe

    Green is still the new RED! this is not about climate change, global warming or pollution, this is about the progressive agenda of making new taxes come from a willing society who despite all of the advances in air quality still think there’s a problem in the U.S. with air pollution! Along the lines of over a trillion dollars every year. However, when the actual taxes are collected, they never get in revenues what they anticipated because when you tax something its use goes down!

  • D. K. Williams

    Follow the money. The climate change industry made Algore a very rich man along with many other progressive phonies.

  • Phil Berardelli

    Let’s take the administration at their word then ask how much carbon pollution resulted from the president’s $100 million tour of Africa, which required multiple aircraft and hundreds of vehicles transported to the sites. Then ask how much carbon pollution resulted from the latest trip to Martha’s Vineyard, in which the president and first lady, their children, and their dog were transported separately. If this problem is so serious, then can we expect the grounding of Air Force One? The hypocrisy has become legendary.

  • wade

    i can Not believe the on going B S that runs along with the idea that mankind has Somehow dirtied our Planet’s atmosphere . All of The Pollution we humans have made since the Industrial Age has amounted to a third of a percent of our total atmosphere. what a Blind Hoodwink of the Government. Fire them All. and if the Next batch is bad, then Fire them Too

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