The Obamacare Quagmire

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“The Obamacare quagmire.”

Faced with these unappetizing choices [offered by Obamacare], the federal government has chosen to adopt a course of action that I have previously called, in a National Affairs article, “government by waiver.” Quite simply, the federal government has already told key plan operators—more democratic than republican, more labor than business—that they need not meet these requirements. These waivers have already been offered to more than 1,000 employers covering over three million employees. It could well be that the path of least resistance in these cases is to continue a waiver policy to avoid a massive institutional breakdown.

None of this should come as a surprise. The ACA was sold with a set of promises that were not sustainable.

Any law that can be “waived” at the whim of a politician isn’t a law but a ticket to corruption, blackmail, and payoffs. And that the Obama administration has played favorites (labor and Democrats) in who it has given its waivers illustrates this point.

No politician should have this power. Obamacare has got to be repealed.


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  • jwing

    Does the Director of the IRS have the same ability to waive the tax law as does Director Sebelius of HHS regardingcompliance with Obamacare? Wait….roughtly 47% already don’t pay any federal income taxes.
    We are supposed to be a nation of laws not men. How deeply vested do some democrats have to be in order to continue to approve of and willingly vote for this man, Barrack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soerto)?

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